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NRA Nominating Committee

Only Guns and Money has the report, these are the “approved” candidates for the 2022 election. That means they told the Committee that they were blindly committed to Wayne LaPierre and not inclined to making a stink about graft and corruption. The only good news is that they finally dropped Karl Malone, who hadn’t showedContinue reading “NRA Nominating Committee”

NRA’s Lawyer Responds to Rocky Marshall’s Move To Intervene

Here is the NRA’s opposition to allowing Rocky Marshall to intervene in the suit to dissolve the NRA. Marshall’s arguments included that the court should not dissolve the NRA if it finds that things are corruptly run: it should remove the “leadership” and order new board elections, from which past directors (unless they had triedContinue reading “NRA’s Lawyer Responds to Rocky Marshall’s Move To Intervene”

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