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Latest from the Blog

NY Expert Witness Report

It’s by Jeffrey Tenenbaum, an attorney in nonprofit law. He’s an expert witness hired by NY, so don’t expect him to impartial, but it gives us an idea of what NY will be arguing at trial. It gets lively on p. 29. It starts off with David McKenzie, owner of MMP and other NRA vendors.…

Confirmation of Plans To Move NRA HQ

NRA employees received an email today: “The NRA has long considered a move of its headquarters — and has been working to identify a new location that allows us to enhance our advocacy and national platform, recognize operational efficiencies, and become an even stronger organization. Assuming we find such a location and favorable opportunity to…

As If NRA Didn’t Have Enough Legal Expenses

‘We’ve often commented on NRA’s suicidal legal expenses. In 2022, we estimated them at $60 million, nearly one-third of NRA’s total revenues. NRA’s 2023 budget, we’ve pointed out, was wishful thinking. It assumes with no basis that legal expenses will fall, and revenues rise in 2023. Neither will be true. Of course there is the…

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