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Motion To Seal in NY Case

NRA has moved to seal (file but keep secret from the public) the 2003 Frenkel report, which we’ve mentioned before. That report must be really hot, given that NRA leadership is fighting hard to keep it secret 19 years after it was written. All that is known is that its author, Jacob Frenkel, was aContinue reading “Motion To Seal in NY Case”

Video On NRA Finances

Mrgunsngear has a Youtube video entitled “The NRA Is Going Bankrupt Due to Wayne LaPierre.” It has a lot of what we’ve seen, and also has 58,000 views and nearly 1,600 comments in the last week. To make sure that NRA does indeed spend $60 million on legal bills this year, the NRA attorneys appealedContinue reading “Video On NRA Finances”

NRA’s Revenues As A Chart

Here it is. The charting software used only depicts the top of the chart. NRA revenues always go up in an election year, and highest of all in a presidential election year. 2016 was great, nearly $367 million. 2018 was good, $352 million. After 2018, the bottom drops out of the bucket. look at 2020,Continue reading “NRA’s Revenues As A Chart”

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