NRA former treasurer

Wilson “Woody” Phillips was NRA’s treasurer from 1991-2018. Why and how he was chosen, no one that we’ve talked to remembers. They think the board was probably just told to meet the new guy, and then voted to choose him.

It’s known that a few months before he was hired, he was let go from his previous job, as treasurer for the “Wyatt Company.” They say they let him go because they caught him embezzling over a million dollars, creating fake invoices and diverting the money to his own accounts.

“That evening, after Phillips had left for the night, Hughes returned to his office. She found copies of fraudulent invoices that he had submitted to her under the Associates name, which she had paid. Now she saw that they were cleverly crafted fakes, referencing legitimate activities that had never occurred. “It was a down payment on this, or the escrow on that,” she said. (The invoice for forty-five thousand dollars that led to Phillips being caught was a genuine bill from Associates; Phillips had apparently diverted the payment to his own account by mistake.)

Hughes later reviewed several years’ worth of records and found that Phillips had been generating fraudulent invoices in the names of at least two other Wyatt venders. The discovery left her badly shaken. “I saw that he started the scheme almost as soon as he walked into the door,” she said.”

We’re told that Wilson’s testimony was taken in a deposition in the bankruptcy suit, and that he spent almost the entire deposition taking the Fifth Amendment about what’d he’d done as NRA’s treasurer. Anyone want to bet that NRA’s board is being told none of this?

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