Brewer billing to NRA

Here’s a copy of a billing the Brewer firm sent to NRA, and which was paid by wire within four hours, the day before the bankruptcy filing. From my experience paying legal bills, it was extraordinary. Normally, a firm itemizes by day, detail of services given (writing a letter or a court document, and so on), number of hours, the attorney who did the work, and their hourly rate. The client has at least something to review. Why did it take 1.5 hours to write a one-page letter? Why are three attorneys billing for attending a simple motion? And why does this attorney here bill for 26 hours a day?

I showed it to an attorney, and he said “that must just be a summary. Their invoices must be more detailed.” That doesn’t seen to be the case. LaPierre testified that he thought John Frazer was auditing, “vetting,” the bills. With a bill like this, how could anyone vet anything? $538,000 for “Charitable rights and related matters? $35,000 for “Russia.” $422,000 for “Christopher Cox”? That’s like “You owe me a million dollars. You’ll have to trust me on that.”

All these over the 14 days before bankruptcy. I think the billing was for $1.2 million, or nearly $100,000 a day. If the average hourly rate was $1,000 an hour, do the math.

2 thoughts on “Brewer billing to NRA

  1. I listened to a lot of the hearing this afternoon. Greg Garman who is representing the NRA made a big point of the lack of detail in the billings of Ackerman McQueen. According to AckMac CFO Bill Winkler, it was done that way at the request of Wayne.

    I think Garman made a big strategic error in going after the lack of detail in AckMac’s invoices. It now opens the door to the NYAG and other attorneys asking about the invoices of Brewer as the NRA has made lack of detail an issue.


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