Predictions, from pro-gun sources

First, from the National Review:

“At the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting, it was clear the NRA’s Board of Directors faced an enormously consequential decision with the accusations and counter-accusations between Wayne LaPierre and Ollie North. The board largely decided to act as if everything was fine, and contend that the accusations of self-dealing and wasteful spending represented the usual media bias. That non-response to insiders accusing other insiders now looks like a colossal error in judgment. Having rejected the option of making changes on their own, the NRA’s leadership is likely to have change forced upon it by a court.”

Second, from Steve Gutowski at The Reload:

“America’s largest, most influential gun group is facing down a dark future.

The NRA is likely out of options in federal bankruptcy court after a Texas judge dismissed its case on Tuesday, experts told The Reload. The move, concocted by CEO Wayne LaPierre and outside counsel Bill Brewer, was meant to keep New York Attorney General Letitia James (D.) from getting at the group’s assets in her case in state court. But the strategy may have backfired.

Bottom line, the gambit failed miserably, and I think it actually made dissolution more likely,” Philip Hackney, an expert on non-profits at University of Pittsburgh’s law school, told The Reload.

He said Judge Harlin Hale’s ruling made clear the NRA still has serious problems, and the details of malfeasance that came out in open court will strengthen James’s case against the group.”

. . . . Matthew Bruckner, a Howard University professor and bankruptcy expert said . . . . “If it comes to choosing between dissolution and ditching LaPierre, perhaps the NRA will choose the latter,”

We may hope.

One thought on “Predictions, from pro-gun sources

  1. Burn it down. Wayne wreaked everything, and hopefully is facing jail time. The NRA is NOT the “gun lobby”.
    We are.


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