Nomination by petition

“Shall Not Be Questioned,” a Pennsylvania gun blog, takes issue with our posting saying that nomination by petition is almost impossible. We are glad to be corrected!

NRA Elections – The Reality

this year it’s too late, but maybe next year, if our Association survives that long!

2 thoughts on “Nomination by petition

  1. Bitter says:
    “one of the best ways to make your opinions known outside of elections and the member meeting is anytime they contact you about donations, respond that they won’t see another dime until Wayne LaPierre is fired.”

    Andy B. says:
    “I see a tactic taking root, to persuade as many people as possible that WLP was a boogeyman acting alone, everything wrong with the NRA can be laid at his feet, and that as soon as he’s gone everything will be hunky-dory, or at least 95% fixed.”

    Andy B is spot on. The exclusive focus on LaPierre is a way to save the rest of the vampires who soak the NRA for a billion dollars every few years. Virtually the entire corrupt rubber-stamp sweetheart-dealing self-dealing criminally negligent board needs to be jettisoned in shame, preferably not sued, prosecuted, and forced to disgorge hundreds of millions of dollars to membership, or at least to the NRA.

    Thinking it achieves anything to tell some drone working for Wayne LaPierre’s telemarketing sweetheart vampire vendor that you won’t donate until Wayne LaPierre is gone is as delusional as thinking you achieved anything positive by calling Chuck Schumer’s staff and explaining that gun control is bad.


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