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Was NRA’ bankruptcy law firm “running the clock”

My lawyer friend looked over some files and concluded that NRA’s bankruptcy law firm was “running the clock,” artificially inflating the hours that it could bill to its client.

He said, “there’s a simple way to see that. Who did they send to defend on a deposition? That is, a deposition of your client by the other side. There’s very little the defending attorney can do in that situation. All your usual objections — hearsay, leading the witness, relevance, and so on — you’re not allowed to make. All you have to do is make sure the other side doesn’t get into attorney-client privilege, and asks questions in the proper form (not a compound question, where it’s really two questions). An experienced attorney can do that in his sleep.”

“You only need one attorney for that. If more than one shows up, they’re running the clock, sending in two persons so both can bill their time to the client.”

H’e looked at the deposition of John Frazer, NRA’s General Counsel and Secretary. “They sent FOUR attorneys! What do you need four attorneys for? I’d bet that on every one of those Zoom hearings on the motion to dismiss, they also had four attorneys listening in, and billing.”

7 thoughts on “Was NRA’ bankruptcy law firm “running the clock”

  1. The instance in which John Frazer had for attorneys for his deposition speaks volumes. Come on! The guy is an attorney himself! Five, should-know-betters. Granted, Frazer is listed as a defendant in the NYAG‘s case and stands a lot to lose, but still you said a whole lot without having said a lot.


  2. Send like we, as voting members, ought to have some legal recourse for all of these instances of malfeasance.


  3. Anyone that is still a member of the NRA isn’t thinking smart. This stuff could’ve been seen long ago when they began constantly telling their members by mail that their membership was about to expire. Even if they just signed up.

    I got so disgusted and tired at the waste of time and money that I questioned (rightly) the Orgs ability to get anything done on stopping Gun Control at that point. (about 10 years ago.)

    Signup with one of the others. Some do the same thing; pestering you to extend your membership and repeatedly emailing and mailing you telling you how great a job their doing (??) But most of them are actual doing the heavy lifting and stopping gun grabbers and law breakers.

    I wish the NRA would just stop squirming and go out of business. Reorganize as a firearm safety group (what they used to be) and concentrate on that.


  4. We’ve tolerated (both unknowingly AND knowingly) a LOT of ‘crap’ from Wayne and his lot. We’ve tolerated the ‘crap’ because we’ve considered the Association to be quite Effective. Now, maybe the ‘crap’ is really going to hurt the Effectiveness of the Association. Something will need to change.


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