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Forbes magazine on NRA fate

Perhaps some are awakening to reality.

“Anything less than a clean and immediate sweep of current upper management will not cut it. Even that may not be enough,” he says. “So many excesses over so many years without any oversight is indicative of a corrupt culture. It will be hard, if not impossible, to convince any independent authority (judge, trustee, etc.) that this can be corrected. If a plane is in a spin, sometimes there simply isn’t enough air between you and the ground to recover.”

“There is no scenario where Wayne LaPierre survives as the CEO of the NRA,” says one veteran gun industry insider. “Wayne will not leave on his own accord and the board is now significantly comprised of sycophants who are clearly not inclined to do their job…he’ll only leave in handcuffs at the direction of the IRS or New York Supreme Court, which is now a likely scenario.”

Others see him (LaPierre) as a distraction that is damaging the NRA’s mission and they cite the organization’s failure to mount a serious political effort during the critical last election cycle as proof of how the once mighty NRA has fallen under his leadership. “Your CEO is either an asset or a liability to the mission,” said one NRA board member who requested anonymity. “It’s clear to me that Wayne has become the latter. He can’t even do interviews at this point regarding the Second Amendment because all the questions directed at him would be about his personal financial issues.”

The magazine has a suggestion about a replacement, the problem is, he’s a likely candidate for governor.

3 thoughts on “Forbes magazine on NRA fate

  1. ~“I think courts will appoint a trustee who removes NRA’s executive team—especially LaPierre—and the board,” says the gun industry insider. “Membership elects a new board that hires a CEO. The court will likely approve (or deny) the CEO, so it has to be someone squeaky clean. I don’t know of anyone in the industry who thinks LaPierre should remain.”

    Problem with that: It’s clear that many corrupt, self-dealing, rubber-stamp-derelict “directors” are now trying to lay the blame solely on LaPierre or “the bureaucracy” (Ted Nugent for example) after they signed off on all the corruption for 30 years, accepted sweetheart contracts for themselves and their companies, got at least 4 fully paid expensive junkets a year, took free hunting trips, etc, while supposedly still voting independently of their paymasters. That includes Saint Oliver North, who was taking at least a million a year, undisclosed to membership, effectively laundered through Saint Angus McQueen, while he supposedly represented the membership in the supposedly unpaid position of President. And Nugent, a flamboyant narcissistic “rocker” who was vaguely popular in the 1970s, taking membership money for concerts that few members would’ve voluntarily paid for themselves or others to go to.

    It’s also clear that it’s largely working. Most comments by NRA members focus exclusively on LaPierre, withholding donations and support until LaPierre is fired.

    As Andy B. says reply to “I see a tactic taking root, to persuade people that WLP was a boogeyman acting alone, everything wrong with the NRA can be laid at his feet, and that as soon as he’s gone everything will be hunky-dory, or at least 95% fixed.”

    My reply: ~”Spot on. Exclusive focus on LaPierre is a way to save the other vampires (and corrupt culture) that soaked NRA for a $1 billion every few years.”

    The whole board needs to go, possible exception of Lt. Col Alan West, Judge Journey, maybe another member who backed Journey’s motions (despite how incompetently his attorneys handled the case). The new board & CEO need to seek disgorgement from former directors & vendors.


    1. It is not that people think Wayne LaPuke is the sole problem. I think 80%+ recognize that he is just the head of the snake of corruption in the NRA. But NOTHING CHANGES unless he is first removed, that is not the end just the end of the beginning. The Narcan to stabilize before recovery can begin.

      After LaPuke, the outside council , inside council, all financial and accounting staff should be investigated, reviewed, and possibly more. All NRA officers must be removed. A thorough accounting of all NRA assets, Fiundation, and others. Then there needs to be BOD member purge, and reform.

      Also I think there needs to be claw backs.


      1. I hope you’re right, but I’ve seen lots of comments and articles online focusing solely on LaPierre, no focus on the board. In many cases it’s probably shorthand for a broader purge. In other cases, it’s people who know nothing except the most superficial information they never wanted to hear and actively avoided hearing by shooting the messenger, until the wheels finally came officially off the scam. Many of them buy into the Saint Olly theory, knowing nothing about his massive conflict with Saint Ackerman-McQueen which was so loyal it now seeks NRA’s destruction.

        I’m hoping for exactly what the gun industry insider said. Trustee fires top management and the entire board, then hold new elections without a nominating committee – which has always been a tool of the corruption – fired board members can never run again or rehire any of the old management. Then investigate, sue, prosecute etc.

        That’s a lot less likely after the terrible job Judge Journey’s dumbo attorneys did. All they had to do was tee off AcMc’s filing and ask Lucky Pierre painfully obvious kill-shot questions, e.g.

        “Why did you think Brewer was the only one keeping you out of jail?”
        “Why did you keep a convicted embezzler as your personal assistant?”
        “Were you aware that your Treasurer had been accused of embezzling?”
        “Was your Treasurer was doing one of the realtors when NRA’s DC building was sold and the Herndon palace was purchased?”
        “Was one of the realtors related to an officer or employee of the NRA?”


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