Latest NRA board meeting

NRA recently held its first-ever telephonic board meeting. The meeting was a “special board meeting,” to retroactively approve the failed bankruptcy lawsuit, and was held in-person in Dallas. This, the regular April-May meeting, wasn’t important enough for that, it was just NRA business, not enriching the attorneys.

Word is that the meeting was short and mostly focused on how the NRA’s attorneys were doing a wonderful job and Wayne is a brilliant leader. It could be brief, since it’s hard to rise for applause over the telephone. One director (we weren’t told the name) asked, when did our attorneys first realize we were going to lose the bankruptcy lawsuit? Silence from the rest of the board.

We also heard that the remaining honest directors, including Colonel Brown, and Rocky Marshall (corrected in light of the comment below), were not re-nominated or decided not even to try. Some will probably be running by write-in. I don’t think anyone has ever won by write-in (garnering 20,000-plus votes that way is very hard), but we may hope.

4 thoughts on “Latest NRA board meeting

  1. From what I heard in Tucson in October 2020, Carolyn Meadows was pushing Col. Brown to resign from the Board and he refused. Buz Mills is actually on the ballot for the upcoming election but Rocky Marshall is not.

    Rocky Marshall along with Frank Tait will be running as right-in candidates.


  2. There appear to be two NRAs. One for members and another for highly compensated executives and directors.


  3. Honesty and Diligence are two different things, but related. Example:

    Lt Col Brown has been on the board for about 100 years.

    Did he ever really DO ANYTHING of significance to expose and stop the corruption? Not that I recall.

    He did oppose the corrupt Islamophile “Libertarian” Grover Nor’qu’ist. That’s about it.


  4. He did not in the 9 years that I served with him on the Board. If he has done so since it is as well secured
    as the American nuclear launch codes.


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