Another Case of a Vendor Giving Presents to the LaPierres

sNew story: when the LaPierres went on an African safari (financed by Under Wild Skies, an Ackerman-controlled company, and certainly billed to NRA) Tony Makris, head of Under Wild Skies, paid thousands to have their trophies shipped back. There were also arrangements to ship the trophies under another name — none of us has been on safari, so no idea if that’s legal or illegal.

Ackerman McQueen gives him nearly $300,000 in clothing, the CEO of NRA’s mail fundraiser gives him the use of his yacht, Under Wild Skies gives him a safari and shipment of the trophies, and each of these companies is getting millions from the company he runs. The term kickbacks comes to mind. You can draw millions from the organization (often for nothing that seems valuable to it), so long as you give appropriate presents to the CEO.

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