Wayne the White Hunter

Re-watching the video of his African safari, we were struck by a number of things. First, we’d never go shooting with this guy. Maybe, if he took a LOT of gun safety training and someone else took him into the field enough time to build up the safety instincts. He’s walking around with his rifle pointing forward, when there are several people ahead of him and he’s chambered a round, he may not even have the safety on. At one point the guide has to physically lift up his barrel, and he doesn’t seem to take the strong hint.

He also seems like a real newbie at shooting. He takes a bad stance. He obviously doesn’t know how to work a bolt action; he takes six or seven seconds fumbling with it.. Reminded to raise his rifle when someone goes in front of him, he keeps it shouldered and bends over backward to point it at the sky. He can’t hit the downed elephant at point-blank range, to the point where the guide says he can’t see where he is shooting. His first shot seems to have been pure luck, looks like he missed his target by a foot or more, just luckily hit a disabling spot.

Why is he using a scoped rifle for a shot that close? It’s not as if you take elephants from 200 yards, or even 100. Is it that he doesn’t know how to use iron sights, and those sponsoring him didn’t want to take the time to teach him? Everyone else has iron sights.

His wife — they have to set up shooting sticks, a tripod, for her to use offhand. On first shot, at twenty yards, the second one at about five! She doesn’t know how to grip a rifle, takes a loose hold, and almost gets bashed in the eye by the scope sight. At least she can work the bolt.

The profuse congratulations tell us this was meant to be edited into a video myth. Editing would have turned it into: stalking the elephant, Wayne takes shot, it goes down, everyone congratulates him on his fine shooting. Susan, edit to leave out the shooting sticks.

All this charade was paid for by NRA members.

One thought on “Wayne the White Hunter

  1. LaPew never even owned a gun when Knox made the foolish mistake of hiring him. One of far too many scumbags he hired.


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