NRA Houston Meeting Is Canceled

Yes, it is cancelled, ten days before it was to be held. We can only hope members got refundable air tickets and room reservations. The prediction in our previous post has come true. NRA’s leadership gets to avoid the embarrassment of big gaps in the exhibit hall.

That does create some problems under the bylaws. Bylaw article III section 8 says the annual meeting can be held up until November 30, unless the board determines that a later date is necessary due to a pandemic or other things. (Obviously, this is a recent amendment). But it also says the purpose of the meeting is to “receive the report of the election of Directors.”

Bylaw article IV , section 1, provides that a director “shall hold office from the adjournment of the of Annual Meeting of Members at which his or her election is announced until the adjournment of the third Annual Meeting of the Members next following such election. . . .”

Until the members’ meeting is held, the directors elected in 2021 are not in office.

This leaves NRA’s leadership free to do as they did last year, when they set the members’ meeting for Tucson, Arizona. Airline connections there are much more difficult than Phoenix, let alone bigger cities, and meeting rooms are much smaller. They could thus limit attendance to about 200 people (members’ meetings usually involved 2,000+) and pack the hall with LaPierre defenders. The members’ meeting, if it is held, would be embarrassing, since we are told that at the last one, 1st VP Charles Cotton told the members that the NY Attorney General’s claims were “lies, and she know they are lies,” and that she also knew she had no chance of dissolving the NRA, and that was why she’d sued LaPierre, if you can’t destroy an organization you try to destroy its leader. All that might be embarrassing to remember in late 2021. Particularly after NRA unsuccessfully filed for bankruptcy to escape the NY suit to dissolve it, the one that is supposedly all lies.

3 thoughts on “NRA Houston Meeting Is Canceled

  1. The bosses are panicking because judgement day is nigh at hand. This is what their fear looks like as they bumble from one irrational act to another, impelled by an ever greater terror that no salvation is in sight.


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