Guns and Ammo on NRA Situation

Guns and Ammo has an editorial on the NRA’s situation. Among other points:

“Since April 2019, 23 notable former board members resigned from the organization including Pete Brownell, a former NRA President; Julie Golob, a champion sports shooter; Richard Childress, NASCAR team owner; and Duane Liptak, EVP for Magpul Industries, just to name a few. On July 30, 2021, Ted Nugent added his name to the resignation list, as well as Owen “Buz” Mills. Many, though not all, publicly cited the failures in leadership displayed by senior executives or questioned spending. High-profile former leaders also include former President Lt. Col. Oliver North and Chris Cox, the former executive director of the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA). The ongoing controversies have created speculation on whether this year’s NRA Annual Meetings were canceled for other reasons, and COVID-19 happened to be a convenient reason.”

There’s a poll at the bottom in which you might want to vote. We know this is stirring up a hornet’s nest. Director Marion Hammer used her email list to attack the “hateful” article and encouraged list members to vote in the poll.

Update: After Ms. Hammer’s email to her list, the poll had 250 or so responses, the great majority for I trust the NRA completely. Then word got around, and with nearly 3,000 responses, it’s 87% for I’ll only contribute when LaPierre is removed or have completely lost trust.

Ms. Hammer’s response, to her email list:

“Just before 8pm last night, I sat back down at my computer to look at the poll.  I was somewhat shocked to see that our support had dropped significantly to 61%. I didn’t think much of it and figured the NRA haters had marshaled an effort against us, just as I had asked you to vote. 

“After a few minutes of reading some email, I went back to the page and refreshed it. In a matter of minutes, that number had dropped to less than 50%. I checked in again an hour and half later it had dropped to 19%. Now, I’m certainly not a computer expert — heck, I don’t even do any social media at all —  but even I know that is just not legitimately possible. 

“This morning I spoke to a couple of folks who are computer experts. Both – separately – told me that there is no humanly possible way for those numbers to drop that fast.  In essence both experts told me that they believed the numbers were being artificially manipulated. Needless to say, I was annoyed and angry.  But I think there are some good takeaways here for us.  

“Like we always do, we marshaled a true grassroots army of individuals and we prevailed. I suspect that our enemies saw the results and probably had an “Oh crap moment” and decided to change the results.”

We don’t know if Ms. Hammer thinks that Guns and Ammo is her enemy and manipulating the figures (if you think you’re progun and that Guns and Ammo is your enemy, better do some re-thinking) or if she thinks that antigunners read Gun and Ammo, or if she thinks that somebody hacked Guns and Ammo just to spite her. But it is starting to seem paranoid. Also, detached from reality. She didn’t muster a “true grassroots army,” she mustered a couple hundred readers of her email list to try to “fix” the poll in NRA leadership’s favor. The other side mustered a grassroots army ten times as large, and she lost.

11 thoughts on “Guns and Ammo on NRA Situation

  1. Seems like every week I get a solicitation to donate more money to the NRA from Wayne Lapierre. I will not send any money as long as he runs the organization. He should pay back all the money he has weaseled us out of and then we would be in great shape

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    1. NRA’s budget was around $300+ million. LaPierre and his fellow vampires pocketed several billion dollars over 25 years. I doubt they have that kind of money, at least onshore.

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  2. NRA’s 1985-1996 Financial Indicators

    Above is a graphical representation from NRA audited financial statements (public information). Prior to 1991, liquid assets (largely cash prepaid dues) roughly tracked deferred liability (future years of operations members paid for in advance). 100% of NRA members serviced 100% of operating cost, as prepaid dues were held in the bank to pay the future cost of ‘servicing’ members.

    But then cash (liquid assets) was drawn down to cover losses, resulting in massive unfunded liabilities. Now, effectively half the members’ dues pay all the annual operating costs.

    This is why NRA is continually pounding the members for money.

    In a given year, future liability to members (deferred income) is the balance of dues remaining for the membership period for which each member paid. For example, in 1993, a 5-year member pays $125, amortized (used up) at $25 per year. In 1995, NRA owes the member 3 more years, or $75 worth of services.

    What appears to be a positive trend in 1995-’96 financials (net worth and net income) is not due
    to fundamental operational improvement, but mainly due to LUCK: Most of NRA’s liquid assets
    (largely prepaid cash dues from members) are invested in stocks and bonds. From 1994-’96 it
    might appear that liquid assets grew by $10 million from dues and cash gains on operations (cash receipts less cost), reducing the deficit. Not so: Increases (decreases in the deficit) were mainly due to good market performance, raising the “unrealized gain” and overall value of our portfolio. This is all the more fortunate given that NRA’s no-bid investment arrangement has massively under performed the markets due to high expense and turnover. These are “paper gains,” not “cash gains,” and they can be lost far more quickly than they were made if the market drops.

    In 1996, going into the 4th quarter NRA had a loss of ($7 million). To cover the loss and come
    out “positive” for the year, NRA officers violated the bylaws by having an unauthorized “fire sale”
    on life memberships: A liquidation yielding short term income with long term effects. At best, these discounted dues should have been reserved to cover (fund) the full, un-discounted cost of servicing new members for life. Sadly, the cash was spent before it came in the door. As to claims that losses were actually “investments” into NRA, if so, then the liquid assets would have become hard assets, and thus financially sound—but they didn’t.

    As for management performance, the Board was given a report exposing how $300 million was
    spent against bylaws and Board policy. The Board did nothing. It’s doubtful the money was
    well-spent, as there were no written contracts to serve as benchmarks to judge vendor
    performance. But NRA leaders (the so-called “Winning Team”) say it’s OK and the Board
    rubber stamps. Then again, a majority of Directors defeated a bylaw requiring them to disclose to membership their own financial deals with NRA.


  3. Saturday morn, Aug. 28, 2021, with 1972 votes, here’s the breakdown:
    14% support the NRA completely.
    44% support the NRA but will not financially contribute until LaPierre resigns or is removed.
    42% have lost trust in the organization.

    I.e., 86% of those voting want LaPierre gone.


    1. Now it’s 13-45-42. Seems Marion quickly ran out of board members & toadies.

      Surely many who “lost trust” have come to think 2A would be better off if NRA vanished since the corrupt culture is fully metastasized and NRA often promotes gun control anyway, both actively and by dereliction.

      Surely many see “remove LaPierre” as shorthand for LaPierre, the entire board with few exceptions, staff who participated or knew and did nothing, and nearly all the current vendors. My own position is that only Rocky Marshall should remain, since only he had the courage and integrity to vote NO on retroactive b/k approval. A few others voted “present” – weak. ~40% of the board didn’t even show up for for the meet – dereliction – including West, who is all hat no cattle. North cannot be allowed back because he was on the take for $1 million a year laundered through Ak-Mc; his & his boss Ac-Mc’s feigned concern about corruption amounts to crocodile tears.


      1. Hammer’s “Winning Team” was always big on projection. She tried to stack the poll, but when it went against her she accused others of what she was doing.

        When only 166 votes were cast, it was 75% “completely back NRA”.

        With 3,551 votes cast, “completely back NRA” is down to 11%.

        In a simple algebraic model, now that she’s out of toadies and voting is dominated by G&A readers, “completely back NRA” would asymptotically trend to ~7.9% as poll size increased, 7.9% being the true level of unconditional NRA support among G&A readers. That means she had ~104 toadies on her list, assuming the other voters were regular G&A readers, and the true % that wants NRA to get a giant enema or NRA itself to get flushed is about 92%.

        A few of that 92% are folks who read this page but don’t necessarily read G&A, and folks it was forwarded to. Regardless, it’s a strong indicator the Winning Team lost containment, the word’s getting out on the corruption and dereliction, and blind support for NRA management is collapsing.


  4. Hammer is clearly a delusional bubble-sweller. I found her interaction style with the membership to be unnecessarily abrasive and authoritarian. She was a master at turning voluntary allies into opponents. I see she has not made any improvements on her personal style in 30 years.


  5. When I receive the frequent solicitations for more money from the corrupt Wayne LaPierre, I respond that all of my donations have been suspended until the executive vice president resigns, or is convicted for his corruption. Until then, I shall remain a life member, and hold off on any further donations. For now, my money goes to the 2nd Amendment Foundation, and local state gun rights group.


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