NRA Director to Intervene in NY Suit to Dissolve NRA

War on Guns has the news. The director’s name is not yet known, but the attorney for plaintiff Frank Tait has written the judge to give him a heads-up. He writes that one, and possibly two, directors will be joining in.

This may be a very big thing, a game-changer. (Also true of resignations elevating Tait to a director’s post, the first time anyone can remember a write-in candidate actually winning one of those). Under New York law, we are told, any director has the right to bring a suit in the name of the corporation against people who have looted it. He should have the right to intervene in a suit already being brought against looters. There is a world of difference in New York law between members who want to sue and directors who want to sue.

We all believe that this intervention has the best chance of keeping NRA from being dissolved. NRA’s “leadership” is the very problem that is putting it in danger, and that leadership is not going to argue “throw the leadership under the bus but save the nonprofit for its 5 million members.” NRA as a corporation has Bill Brewer for an attorney, and he won’t make that argument either — “throw the guy who signs my (enormous) paychecks under the bus”? The board as a whole won’t make it, either. The mere thought of a vote on it would have them running for a change of clothes.

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