NRA Nat’l Firearms Museum Being Looted?

From Friends of Save the Second comes this new post, an insider report from Doug Wickland:

“I’m the former senior curator for the NRA National Firearms Museum. Forced to retire after more than a year on furlough. Most NRA furloughed employees received no information on what was happening to the association.  The designated staff chosen to “operate” various NRA functions were pretty much ones pledged to LaPierre.No matter what happens – I fear the NRA National Firearms Museum is toast.  Believe they may have already sent part of the collection off for auction.  When I went in to pick up my personal belongings (which was one heck of a process) – they would not let me, our museum registrar, or our FFL person into the galleries for even a goodbye photo.  Interesting that they wouldn’t let an employee of 35 years (and the individual entrusted with the keys to every vault in the HQ) enter the galleries, but had allowed some VIP tours through previously. 

“Millions of dollars are represented in the collection – just the Petersen Gallery held over $30 million and that was just the first gallery as you entered. The state of the HQ building is very bad presently – roof falling apart – they had to move the legal library from the 6th floor to another building next door because the roof collapsed in that area. Heard they believe it may take three more months to fully repair.”

That’s not from some outsider, but from the Senior Curator of the National Firearms Museum. And what will the board do? The board that has a legal obligation to protect the NRA as an organization? To protect the donations of those who support it? We can watch them re-elect the CEO LaPierre, continue his $1 million-plus salary, and give his cronies another year to complete their looting. This organization has endured 150 years. Founded by Civil War veterans, had 3-4 presidents who earned the Medal of Honor. It is now being ruined by a board too frightened of nasty words to do their duty.

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Update — a person affiliated with headquarters in the 1990s said there were many rumors back then that, while the museum itself was honest, some of the others who dealt with it were not. It would regularly receive collections, sometimes very big and fine ones, but not of museum-display quality. These would be given to an auction house to sell. There were rumors of insiders getting “first pick.” Also the possibility of kickbacks from the auction house to insiders who steered it business. At one point a staffer stumbled across a different firearm auction house that would offer NRA a better deal, and suggested that to Treasurer Woody Phillips’ staff. The person to whom he made the suggestion responded by going frantic and screaming at him until he left.

13 thoughts on “NRA Nat’l Firearms Museum Being Looted?

  1. My old friend Dr. William L. Roberts, RIP, must be rolling in his grave. His collection was worth millions 25 years ago. He had a contract with the NRA museum regarding his collection. His estate might have been a creditor in the bankruptcy. Many other such opportunities for b/k standing were pissed away by the might-as-well-have-been-controlled-oppo Journey team. Don’t know how to bid, but I’d buy some as a keepsake if the money wasn’t going to keep Brewer, Lucky LaPierre & Hammerhead in control.


  2. The update about the 1990s was absolutely true. Collections were pillaged before they got to the museum by insiders. As a senior curator, I complained and the museum did get some pieces that had been “grabbed,” but the sad thing was how many NRA director-level folks were the ones that had to turn over the items. And have no doubt it’s still happening.

    The NRA Firearms For Freedom program receives many collections – only a fraction are shared eith the Museum and in the last couple of years, the museum selections were not being honored. Museum doesn’t get what pieces it has asked for. If you were to ask the donors to the program – many would prefer their items go to the museum, rather than off to auction.

    You might wonder why this is happening. Guns instead go off to auction – great. But where does that money wind up? Follow the money.

    But in talking with those still involved – donations have really dried up. Not so many folks willing after reading/seeing what has been going on at NRA…


  3. What happened to having a spine in this country? All of our american veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice should rise from the grave and rip these traitors a new ass and then end them!


  4. As a Life Member in good standing (25295155), I’m saddened that LaPierre’s greed and corruption has taken the NRA into the depths of illegal activities. For years he has beat the drum that it is “WE” who are the NRA. In the meantime, he steals donations sent in by members to benefit not the organization, but to his own benefit. LaPierre is a liar and a thief.

    As a retired police detective, and Vietnam Vet, I see just cause for the NYAG’s action. I further see probable cause to arrest LaPierre, et al, for several criminal counts, the least of which should be a RICO case.

    LaPierre’s actions, assisted by his ass kissing followers have done more to hurt the NRA than all of the bias press and anti-2A gun grabbers combined.

    Shame on LaPierre, and shame on those who support him. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Where do I go to resign my membership in protest? I will no longer associate with a criminal enterprise, posing as a civil right organization. If you think I’m jumping ship, I’m just not willing to go down with the ship. My money now goes with 2nd Amendment Foundation, JPFO, and Oregon Firearms Federation, where it will do the most good.


  5. ;I am a new life member, if I had known this was going on I Never would have joined. I come from a long line of Life Members. Grandparents parents uncles cousins nieces and nephews. This concerns me greatly. I think I may pull the plug on my monthly donations. They do not seem to be using it for what it is intended.


  6. I was an NRA employee in the 1990s and witnessed some of the shady crap that’s being discussed here, and a lot more.

    My 3.5 years on staff were an eyeopener of horrific proportions. I went from a true believer in the organization at all levels to a true believer in NRA’s stated goals, but someone who completely lost faith in the people running the organization.

    Every time I had reason to talk to Phillips (not often, but several times) my gut told me he couldn’t be trusted, at any level.

    I was not in the least shocked when I read this about Woody Phillips a few years ago:

    Unfortunately, I had the same gut feeling about many of the executives (and board members) I interacted with over several years. It pains me greatly to say that my gut was right more often than not, and many of those individuals contributed to NRA’s current state.


  7. While there is no way to support this theory, the behavior documented above does seem to be in line with the current government’s apparent agenda.
    Or at least being resigned to defeat by that party.


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