NRA Legal Bills

Filed as an exhibit, in Rocky Marshall’s motion to intervene (and save NRA) in the New York AG’s case. The Brewer firm’s legal bills to NRA. Breathtaking, most monthly bills exceed $2 million!

No wonder that LaPierre fought so hard to stop directors from seeing them. They were being paid millions a month with bills less itemized than what you’d get for a twenty-dollar oil change. Things like “Insurance Matters $275,347.40” or “Russia-September 1-15 $220,933.26.” Some where it’s hard even to guess what the work was: “Gov. Charitable rights and related matters $917,998.41” “James (Invoice to W. Davis) $133,037.34” Each of those covering only one month, note.

We showed the billing to an attorney who’s worked some complex commercial cases. He said “unconscionable.” Billings should be broken down by day, lawyer doing the work, his hourly rate, and an itemization of what he did, subdivided into specific tasks — research into this issue, writing a letter to this person, etc. That way the client knows what you did, knows that you weren’t double-dipping (two billing for the same thing, four billing for attending a motion where only one spoke) or just making things up. With billings like these, nothing but the month and a money sum, how could anyone in NRA claim to have been “vetting” the billings? Maybe they could make sure the addition was correct?

Staggering — millions paid for “Russia.” “North New York Litigation” — a simple issue, Oliver North wanted payment of his legal fees for responding to congressional inquiries about NRA. NRA Bylaws, Art. VI section 4 has one (long) sentence on the issue. Does that sentence say NRA should pay? The firm was paid about $650,000 to settle the meaning of one sentence. In one month alone it was paid $114,000 for this.

The honest former Treasurer Craig Spray said that the culture of “Wayne wants it” had to stop, and this is a good illustration of that. Word gets out that “Wayne wants Brewer paid,” and then the Brewer firm is free to bill anything and no one dares to do anything but sign the checks and keep quiet.

January 4, 2021, an email from Wayne LaPierre (who was described in the bankruptcy case testimony as never using a computer) commands Spray, “On behalf of the Office of the Executive Vice President and the SLC (special litigation committee) please wire in the amount of $5,000,000 from the Operating Cash Line of Credit to the Brewer Law Firm Trust Account in connection with pending a potential legal matters.”

He is being handed millions at a time when NRA can’t even repair its building’s roof. In return, he has given NRA so far a string of courtroom losses.

5 thoughts on “NRA Legal Bills

  1. This is a little off topic but I saw where Glenn Youngkin didn’t complete the survey to get the NRA’s endorsement. Given how the organizations leadership has acted over the past couple of years, I’m not sure I’s want Wayne and the Board’s endorsement either.


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