LaPierre Testimony in Bankruptcy Case

The transcript paints the picture of a supposed CEO who in fact barely knows what is going on, and is allowing everyone to take advantage.

P. 40, he’s constantly on the road, not watching things at HQ:

Q Would it be fair to say you spoke with her every couple of weeks at least?

A Well, I was traveling constantly, like 40 weeks a year on  the road for the NRA, so, yes, I spoke with her a lot.

Pp.25-26, he’s OK with $7.8 million in Brewer legal fees to fight a $2 million contract:

Q Mr. Cox — you — I’m sorry. You agreed to a contract from Mr. Cox that provided for payment of over $2 million over a number of years after you [sic – he] resigned, is that correct?

A That contract was — I agreed to it, it was negotiated by Colonel North and the other officers.

Q And the NRA has been involved in an arbitration proceeding with Mr. Cox since the fall of 2019, correct?

A That is correct.

Q And the NRA has spent over $6 million to the Brewer firm to litigate that contract, is that correct?

A  That — I’m not sure of the exact figure, but that – we have been paying the Brewer firm to litigate that.

Q Is six million about what you would expect?

A It’s quite possible it’s in that range.

Q And the NRA has also paid $1.8 million in fees to Mr. Cox’s counsel, correct?

A Yes I believe we have.

P. 30, no problem with throwing hundreds of thousands around:

Q And in 2017, you approved payment of salary to Mr. Josh Powell of $700,000, correct?

A I — I — I think it was — I think it was six fifty.

Q All right. And that was a substantial increase from the salary the previous year, isn’t that correct?

A That’s — that’s correct.

Pp. 34-35, how he hired corrupt treasurer Woody Phillips. It sounds like Phillips responded to an ad, he met the guy, and told the Board this was the man:

Q With respect to Mr. Woody Phillips, he was the CFO and Treasurer of the NRA for almost three decades, correct?

A He was.

Q You promoted him to that position, correct?

A He was — he responded to an ad in the Wall Street Journal, he was actually hired by our Board of Directors back at one of the Board meetings as Treasurer.

Q As CFO, did you — did you participate in the selection?

A I remember Bob Clark, our Chief of Staff, interviewed him; I met him. We then sent him over to the Board meeting where the Board hired him as Treasurer, and he became CEO [sic] —  Chief Financial Officer.

Pp. 36-37, Phillips writes himself a plump consulting contract, and the CEO never hears of it:

Q Were you aware — let me — at the time that he retired in the end of 2018, the NRA entered into a consulting contract for him for $360,000 a year for four years, isn’t that correct?

A I was not aware of that.

Q And is it your testimony, Mr. LaPierre, that this contract for $360,000 a year was never reviewed by you?

A That’s correct.

Q And so Mr. Phillips was to receive $30,000 a month for the four years for consulting.
A According to that contract, yes, which I was not aware of.
Pp. 38-39, His own exec assistant was misusing NRA credit cards without him having any idea:

Q. And isn’t it true that Ms. Millie Hallow, who was not permitted to have her own card, was billing through Mr. Phillips’ card?

A I later — I later learned that. As part of the self-correction, that was one of the things that was discovered.

Pp. 53-54, arrangement with Ms. Sanford, who was paid very well to arrange his private charter flights, costing NRA about $7,000 per air-hour, again he knows nothing:

Q With respect to Ms. Gayle Stanford’s bills for your airfare — air flights, did she add anything to the bills that came in from the commercial charter providers to bill the NRA?Let me try again on that question. Isn’t it true that Ms. Gayle Stanford added ten percent to the bills from the air charter services in billing the NRA?

A I did not know that until — until the last — the last — the last week or two when I heard about it at deposition.

Q And is it true that Ms. Stanford added ten percent to the bills that were submitted by the air charters?

A I did not know that until that deposition the last week or two.

Q Okay. And isn’t it true that in addition to getting the ten percent on each of the flights, she was paid a fee of up to $26,000 a month?

A I knew she was paid a monthly fee.

Q And didn’t Gayle Stanford bill for through Ackerman?

A I did not know that until recently.

Pp. 60-61, new Treasurer Craig Spray refused to sign the NRA tax form 990, an event that any CEO would find shocking, but he doesn’t even ask why:

Q And isn’t it true Mr. Spray declined to sign the 2019 990s?
A I don’t know if that’s true; I didn’t discuss that with Mr. Spray.

P. 103, he doesn't even know who won the Oliver North case:
Q Did the NRA win the Oliver North case?
A I -- I -- I don’t know where that -- I don’t know.

3 thoughts on “LaPierre Testimony in Bankruptcy Case

  1. Little Birdie Says…

    1. “Woody” had an equity interest in the company (partners with Les Adams?) which put out the Second Amendment Primer and other books.

    2. “Woody” accepted a deep-discount BMW from AkMc.

    3. “Woody” was porking one of the realtors involved in the fire sale of the old DCHQ and the purchase of the new Virginia palace.

    Why the pork didn’t Marshall’s / Tait’s or Journey’s attorneys ask about any of this?


  2. P.S. Don’t be too hard on LaPew. He was focused on the BIG PICTURE, like a big-league CEO!

    You know, the BIG PICTURE: $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$

    Sweetheart BMWs deals, headquarter fire sales, realtor porking, and insider book deals are below the big league CEO attention threshold. He’s got enough of his own S to smell, let alone smelling everyone else’s litterbox.


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