The Book We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Wayne LaPierre’s guide to survival!

“If you’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre’s tips on protecting your home from potential disasters, your time may have come.”

(This is an old advertisement: if you want LaPierre’s advice on surviving in the wilderness, or in a riot, you’ll have to hunt around. Actually, according to Google Books, LaPierre will teach you how to survive “murder, assault, rape, kidnapping, molestation, cyberbullying, identity theft, burglary, mugging, carjacking, poisoning, electrocution, fire, flood, and natural disasters.”)

One thought on “The Book We’ve All Been Waiting For!

  1. Absurd. Wonder who ghost-wrote that book. Despite what anyone imagines, it is my understanding that LaPierre has written NO books. Rather, one person or another would be hired to ghost-write what then was presented as LaPierre’s writing. It is my understanding that those columns that appear every month in the NRA magazine have NEVER been written by LaPierre. Until late 2017, those columns were written by Jim Norell. After Jim died, the task of ghost-writing was taken over by someone else. But LaPierre has never written them — not ever. And those fund-raising letters that go out over his name? Uh, no, he has never written them either — not even that old “jack-booted government thugs” letter. Never wrote it; someone else’s words.

    LaPierre does not write, and his wife does not hunt. No, killing an animal that has been trapped and cornered and having someone hand you a rifle and tell you exactly what to do does not count as hunting. That woman never hunted or fished as she was growing up. She’s a bleached-blonde phony who dropped out of college without a bachelor’s degree. But with enough paid guides surrounding her, she can kill an elephant, cut off its tail, squeal like a sorority girl, and — with utter disrespect — have the animal’s legs turned into bar stools.


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