NRA Finances: Comparison of 990s

Here is a comparison of figures from NRA’s IRS Form 990s, 2013-2020 (with 2021 reflecting the budget approved by the board). We added some yellow highlights for important items.

The organization’s finances are shot. Overall revenue fell from nearly $348 million to $261 million, a 25% decline in eight years. The big hit came in member dues, falling from $175 million to $119 million, a 32% drop. This indicates a membership decline of between a million and 1.4 million members. Many members have heard of the scandals and simply stopped renewing. This alone would be a disaster, but over the same time legal expenses have exploded from $7 million to $41 million.

But some officers over this period have made out like bandits. The board nearly doubled CEO LaPierre’s pay, from $984,000 to $1.6 million. The same for many others. Tyler Schropp went from $553,000 to $853,000. Others moved more quickly. Josh Powell, LaPierre’s chief of staff, went from $779,000 to $935,000 in two years. John Frazer, secretary, went from $328,000 to $429,000 in five years. Among the board, where the bylaws say the position is that of an unpaid volunteer, quite a few were cashing in. Foremost among these is Marion Hammer, chair of the Ethics Committee, whose pay went from $122,000 to $259,000 over this time. Presiding over the decline and fall was very profitable for some, even as the payroll was being slashed. Here’s the chart:

3 thoughts on “NRA Finances: Comparison of 990s

  1. It is important to note that NRA raised its Annual Member dues twice in this frame. From $35 – $40 in March ’16 and then $40 – $45 in August 2018. If all the dues paid were merely one year dues (it isn’t, but for the sake of making a point), in 2013 the NRA had less than 5 million dues-paying members and in 2020 it had less than 2.6 million dues-paying members.

    Also, Life Members don’t have dues. The number of NRA total membership is likely inflated since there appears to be no mechanism to remove deceased Life Members. Further, I wonder if Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin have had their Life Membership revoked. 🙂


  2. Responding to Ron Carter’s mention of life members: Many life members have just walked away, disgusted and never again willing to give a dime to the NRA or to anything with the NRA as part of its name. Yes, they are officially still members, but they won’t be at NRA annual meetings, and they won’t buy NRA-product, and they put NRA mailings into the trash as soon as the mailings arrive. We’re just done with the NRA. The only thing I’ll ever again do as an NRA member is vote for someone running for the Board who OPENLY states that Wayne and crew have got to go, someone who openly admits the reality that we all know: Lapierre is corrupt and a grifter, and the directors on the board have allowed him to do what he has done. Every person on the board who can see the massive and gross theft and mismanagement should have been speaking out openly about the theft and the mismanagement. Instead, even those who will say privately that Lapierre is a thief and that Brewer is a GIANT THIEF do not speak out in public. Why? Because they want to keep enjoying their three-times-a-year all-expenses-paid get togethers, with their old “friends.”


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