Susan LaPierre’s Niece

Another article from Mike Spies, in the New Yorker, reporting on NRA and NRA vendor’s dealings with Susan LaPierre’s niece, Colleen Sterner.

LaPierre tried to justify his vacations in the Bahamas, hosted for free by an NRA vendor on his huge yacht, rental value nearly $20,000 a week, as his security protection. (Some might call it a kick-back from the vendor, who was making millions off the NRA annually; somebody had to pay for the yacht). But in this case the LaPierres were attending Susan’s niece’s wedding, and taking her and her new husband on a cruise on the vendor’s yacht.

Spies also documents that at the same time period the niece was supposedly working for NRA, she was holding down a job at a Nebraska car dealership, and was never seen at the conventions she supposedly worked at for NRA.

2 thoughts on “Susan LaPierre’s Niece

  1. Corporate and likely criminal corruption, pure & simple. How about a class action suit brought on behalf of members who made donations on good faith?


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