Brewer/NRA Loses Another One

The NY Attorney General has subpoenaed the files on the arbitration between NRA and Chris Cox, purged head of ILA. This is a proceeding on which NRA has spent $8 million in legal fees to fight over $2 million owed. The files are probably enormous. NRA objected for a bunch of reasons, and lost. Here’s the transcript of the hearing, with the judge’s ruling starting on page 36. He orders the documents turned over, with redaction of donors’ names, if they are mentioned, but nothing else.

He rejects the argument that he ought to require turning over the pleadings in the case, but not anything else:

“You know, if there had been objections saying, “Look, this is our first objection, that you can’t have any of it; our second one is, is that these 400 documents
have” — you know — “there are these reasons why we’re not going to — we shouldn’t have to — produce them …” But that hasn’t been done. That’s not in front of me. I’m not going to remand it for you guys to start that all over again. This has taken too long as it is.” He expects the first documents to be turned over “this week” and the entirety of them by the end of January.

One more loss. Just had a thought. The reason for purging Cox was that he’d received a text saying that LaPierre was being asked to resign over the scandals, and Cox replied it was a damn tragedy, or words like that. He doesn’t say it’s good, not by any means. It’s something you might say if a friend was caught in a scandal.

That’s not much of a reason to purge the fellow who’d led the entire political branch of NRA for around 20 years! So why?

The board always thinks of the head of ILA as the logical successor to the EVP. That’s how LaPierre got the EVP job, after all, he went from head of ILA to EVP.

Might the real reason for Cox’s purge be to eliminate the man the board would think of as LaPierre’s successor, so that any directors thinking of asking LaPierre to step down would have to worry that there was no replacement at hand? LaPierre has never made anyone his deputy, so there’s no one to step into his shoes if something happens. That may not be coincidence.

One thought on “Brewer/NRA Loses Another One

  1. So there’s something important to know about Chris Cox.

    He’s the guy that started the constitutional carry movement. He was the head lobbyist that convinced Alaska in 2003 to go to constitutional carry or, what we were calling at the time, Vermont carry. Vermont had permitless carry going all the way back to 1903 due to a Vermont Supreme Court decision and for the next hundred years were an outlier.

    When Cox convinced Alaska to go that way, he got the ball rolling in a very positive direction.

    Not only that, it turned out Alaska was important because for some reason they have always had a very high rape rate. Damned if I know why. If you look at the FBI’s uniform crime reports from Alaska you can very clearly see that the only trackable difference from before and after the 2003 change to constitutional carry is that the number of rapes dropped.

    As best we can tell, more women strapped up when they did not have to spend a whole weekend doing training or otherwise become a “card carrying gun folk”. Or, maybe rapists assume they had strapped up, I don’t know. But to this day the UCR reports for Alaska are one of the more powerful proofs we have that constitutional carry is overall beneficial.

    Now I don’t know what else Cox did in the years since but, that was one hell of a big win.

    Jim Simpson, formerly Jim March, CCRKBA California lobbyist and field rep from 2003 to 2005.


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