Two More Directors Gone

Todd Rathner, director for 23 years and a long a LaPierre ally, has resigned, saying he wants to go with another, unnamed Second Amendment organization.Longtime director John Cushman has died. There is no further word on whether that was Rathner’s real reason.

The bylaws provide that a lost director is replaced by (and the 76th director chosen from) one of the candidates on the last ballot that didn’t get enough votes to win election. There have been so many resignations that there are no such candidates left, so there was no 76th director up for election, and these two vacant slots cannot be filled. NRA will be down to 73 directors.

We have spoken to many “old timers,” whose knowledge goes back 35 years, and this has never happened before. It’s a product of the purges and resignations, and also of the tightened requirements to run by petition, with the results that only the limited number of candidates anointed by the board’s Nominating Committee ran on the last ballot.

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