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Diverting NRA Money To Non-Gun Groups

Yes, Susan LaPierre (like Wayne) treated the NRA like a personal piggie bank.

“At the National Rifle Association, her events were known for their extravagance. That could mean paying Rascal Flatts $315,000 to play a half hour acoustic set at a luncheon, or serving chilled Maine lobster, duck foie gras Wellington, and Champagne at an intimate gathering in the penthouse of a Four Seasons Hotel.”

But after she became president of Youth for Tomorrow, a small charity that (however worthy its causes) has nothing to do with shooting or the Second Amendment, NRA money started being diverted to them, and to her personal prestige in the other group. Ultimately about $200,000 of members’ money was diverted.

“That’s theft,” said James Fishman, a leading nonprofit law expert, when told about the payments. “Taking money that belongs to one organization and spending it on another, with zero benefit to the NRA.” Or to its members, we might add.

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