Frank Tait Not Elected (For Now, Anyway)

We’ve been passed an email from Frank Tait, saying he has been notified that he was not elected to the NRA board, but will be running for the 76th director, who is elected by voting members who attend and vote at the annual meeting.

He won’t have much competition. The 76th director must be elected from candidates listed on the official ballot, and who were not elected. In 2019, the year the scandals blew up, there were 27 openings, and the Nominating Committee recommended 34 candidates. Another qualified by petition, meaning there were 8 “also rans” from which to choose.

This year there the Nominating Committee only recommended 30 candidates, two of whom withdrew their names, and Frank Tait ran by petition. There would have been 25 slots, but then Rep. Young died, and Todd Rather resigned, so there may be 27 slots, with 29 people running and only two “also rans.”

We just noticed that the ballot issue of the publications has the usual candidate bios — but nothing for Tait.

2 thoughts on “Frank Tait Not Elected (For Now, Anyway)

  1. No the only way to save the NRA is in the hands of the NY AG and a judge. It would be sad to see the current board members suffer bankruptcy at their own hands.
    Their insurance is limited and the fine will nasty.


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