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Col. West Letter To The Board

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (USA, Ret) Letter to NRA Board of Directors, Houston, TX.—May 19, 2022

To the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association:

There really is little need to introduce myself since I serve on the NRA Board from 2016-2021. It was a true honor to be selected by the membership of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization by way of petition and then reelection. My resignation from the board was due to what I witnessed as a lack of resolve to reform the organization in the face of quite serious, and substantiated, allegations of financial impropriety. As a career military officer, we are taught servant leadership and the Commander is the least important entity in any unit. It is the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine who is most important, vital, and in the case of the NRA, the NRA members are the reason the organization exists!

I have answered the call to run for Executive Vice President of the NRA for only one reason; to serve the members and restore the trust and confidence of the membership in the organization. I am not running against anyone, which is an absurd supposition. I am running for the preservation of the NRA and the restoration of its honor, integrity, and character. My objective is simple, a return to our core competencies of marksmanship training and programs along with protection of our Second Amendment rights. During my time on the NRA board, several Board of Directors requested my participation to assist in raising funds locally via Friends of the NRA dinners and other events; and I did. I was honored to stand on the stage in Atlanta Georgia, my hometown, and express the intricate relationship of the NRA to the civil rights movement. It was also an esteemed honor to recite the story of another Soldier, Otis McDonald, and present his Family the Roy Innis Leadership Award before the gathered members of the NRA in Indianapolis.

America is facing an extremist agenda and a formidable domestic threat (not from a foreign enemy) but rather the progressive socialist/Marxist/left wing groups that are intent on undermining the United States. There is one organization that can stand as a bulwark against this ideological enemy of individual liberty, freedom, and rights…that is the National Rifle Association! My oath to the Constitution of the United States of America is to support and defend it against all enemies, foreign, and domestic. I have always honored my oath and will continue as the EVP of the NRA. I am humbly asking for your vote as the next Executive Vice President of the NRA. We can rebuild the confidence of the members who have faithfully supported the NRA for over 150 years.

Steadfast and Loyal.
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired) Former Member, 112th US Congress
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas
NRA Board Member, 2016-2021
NRA Patriot Life (Benefactor) Member

4 thoughts on “Col. West Letter To The Board

  1. Thank you for the high-road and minded reply, Colonel. But before you start on those lofty, worthwhile goals with us members supporting you, you know you must have the command changed.
    To Wayne and Susan LaPierre: I’m betting you’ve saved some pennies for y’all’s retirement, along with asking and receiving from The Board a good, healthy benefits package. Knowing this, it is time for The Old Guard to fade away as a famous soldier once said. I’m sure, at least from what I’ve read, y’all have and will continue to receive ongoing cover for resolving your legal matters.
    For the good of our NRA, and it will be yours still as you move on to other pastures, it is time to lay down your sword, and contemplate and live as good a life that you can. I will visit your ice cream shop, if I can.
    Respectfully and Sincerely, —NRA Lifetime Member


    1. J R, You of course know that WLP and the board has set himself up a golden parachute, the likes of which many other CEO’s would love to have. So financially he would be set for life, if her were to step down. I believe that the only real reason that he won’t step down is the fact that right now, as long as he remains connected to the NRA, he has the groups money to pay for his legal fees, while if he were to leave the organization, he might have to pay for them on his own, and the attorney that he has hired is probably one of the most expensive ones that I myself, in my limited experience have ever heard of.
      The only way that I see Wayne and his cronies leaving is by being forced out, and even though I am biased, it does look like that will happen, eventually. I just hope that he doesn’t bankrupt for real, before it happens, instead of just for pretend like when he tried to move the charter to Texas, and used lies and trickery, which angered the judge to no end. And I can’t say that I blame him. Bankruptcy laws are for actual bankruptcy and not for legal maneuvering like Wayne and his inner circle tried to do. They are lucky that they were not slapped with a legal charge of some type.


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