Email From Marion Hammer To The NRA Board

if the NRA board is a dysfunctional family (a handful of senior siblings beating their less-senior ones into silence and thus running the family), Hammer has for decades been the family “enforcer.” Notice that her email says not on word to refute the many allegations of corruption. Treasurer Woody Phillips had to take the Fifth in testimony many times. Wayne Lapierre has admitted to using NRA funds for corporate jets to the Bahamas, and to fly his niece around. His wife’s hairdressers were flown about to do his wife’s hair. There was a scheme to use NRA money to buy him a $6 million mansion in Texas. He told witnesses that attorney Bill Brewer was the only person who could keep him out of jail. Hammer’s email doesn’t reply to a word of that.

Her email to the board shows what psychiatrists call “projection” — attributing to another person faults which are in fact the speaker’s own.

“The lies, distortions and fake claims,” “attempts to bamboozle the Board with nonsense.” She talks of the 1997 annual meeting, and how dissidents (who’d caught LaPierre, Phillips, and Ackerman McQueen in major financial misdeeds) and she claims that former director Phil Journey was beaten back because he didn’t know Robert’s Rules. We talked to a director who was present at that meeting, and he said Journey voted for reform but didn’t fight over Robert’s Rules. That was done by law professor Joe Olson, who resolutely refused to back down despite Hammer’s autocratic bullying, and in the end the parliamentarian had to rule in Olson’s favor.

“abandon truth and honor in favor of self-serving agendas for personal and financial gain” Hammer is (in violation of the bylaws, which say a director serves without compensation) drawing $200,000 a year from NRA, and recently got a ten-year contract (she is 83) from NRA. More. And may have used her state affiliate (whose finances are almost entirely from NRA funds) to get illegal realty loans. More. She, of all people, cannot gripe about self-serving agendas and financial gain. Hammer is milking NRA and Unified Sportsmen of Florida for all she can get.

She says Allen West is “a hungry man, desperately in need of a job.” He’s done far more than she’s ever done, put his life on the line for quite modest pay, and hasn’t been draining $200,000 a year from a nonprofit in violation of its by laws.

“lie and cheat and take it from us.” Oh, please, Mrs. Hammer. Her email follows.


Once more we are having to spend time refuting the lies, distortions and fake claims by dissidents who are ill-informed and appear to be out for revenge, greed or self-important agendas.It is clear to me, from how I have seen them behave in the past, that once again they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.  They certainly don’t love NRA and the Second Amendment or appreciate all the valiant and essential work of Wayne La Pierre or they would not be involved with this evil coup.

There is no doubt than Phil Journey has embraced hatred and longed for revenge for over 25 years.  That’s over a quarter-of-a-century folks.  He betrayed NRA and engaged in an evil effort to try to take down Wayne, over 25 years ago. He lost and now he’s at it again. What a sinister and evil thing to do.. 

I remember (and some of you who were there may also remember) how pompous and full of himself Journey was at the 1997 BOD meeting.  Prancing around with his Robert’s Rules book trying to bully the Chair and the body by pretending to know what it said.   He was not happy that I, as President and presiding officer,  had a professional Parliamentarian sitting beside me to help refute his lame attempts to mislead the body. 

I even remember how crestfallen and dejected he was each he got overruled or voted down for failed attempts to bamboozle the Board with nonsense. What a site.  His own failures must be what this revenge is all about.

And I remember Board member Don Henry (God rest his sole) who followed Journey’s lead head-long into the Robert’s Rules charade.  Poor man.  He fell victim to the deceit and unsuspectingly marched with their out-of-step leader.

Those are not fond memories.  Anytime your fellow Board members abandon truth and honor in favor of self-serving agendas for personal and financial gain, it is not only sad but deserving of contempt.  For them to be trying to take down Wayne La Pierre, a man who has done so much for NRA, gun rights, preserving the Second Amendment and protecting Freedom in America, is about low as it gets.

Then, along comes Allen West, a man with more failures to his professional credit than anyone would ever imagine, pretending to ride in on a white horse to save the day.  What I see is a hungry man, desperately in need of a job riding in on a jackass to try to take down a Second Amendment hero and gut the NRA.

Does this sound like a man you want representing you and NRA?

Lord, how stupid do they think we are?

We’ve got to stop this now, once and for all, and leave them in the dust one more time. 

It’s our Second Amendment, It’s our Freedom. It’s our NRA. It’s our Wayne LaPierre. And I will not let them lie and cheat and take it from us without a helluva fight.”

Update: the email went out yesterday morning, May 22.

6 thoughts on “Email From Marion Hammer To The NRA Board

  1. “Truth and honor”- I doubt very much Ms. Hammer knows what those words mean, as she is acutely lacking in both. She, and most all of the board are the cancer in our organization, and if we, as dues-paying members do not excise them, will lose our once proud NRA to greed and corruption.

    My membership expires a year from now. Like many of you here on this forum, I will NOT be renewing until there is a complete and total replacement of board members. I have already joined two other 2nd Amendment organizations that are far more interested in preserving our rights than grifting off of its members.

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  2. What is the date of this Marion Hammer email? In the future please include dates in you reporting. I note in some of your reporting events are from 20+ years ago! Your reporting is confusing without dates. With out proper and prominently displayed dates it gives the appearance that 20+ year old data is current. That just muddies the water!



  3. I was living in Florida when it passed Shall Issue Carry. It may be the one good thing she accomplished in her career. It is time for her and many others to go.


  4. If you repeatedly misspell four-letter-words, or use the wrong ones, you probably don’t know much, Marion.


  5. No, Mrs. Hammer, the resistance to corrupt leadership that steals from and disrespects both its Members and any dissenting Board Members is not an exercise in petty vanity or sour grapes, but one of rebuilding good governance and leadership. There should be no place for petty, vain, hateful, individuals, who would rather dance on the corpses of those they’ve slain than discuss the content of the very real legal and financial problems you’ve brought the Association.

    A heartbroken Life Member

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