NRA Executive Compensation

We took the latest available NRA Form 990, and looked at its Schedule J, Executive Compensation. Then we divided the compensation by an annual member’s dues of $40 (some sites will let you pay $45, others $35.) The results were something obscene:

EVP Wayne LaPierre: $1.66 million, or 41,631 annual members’ dues.

Director of Advancement Tyler Schropp, 21,347 members’ dues.

Treasurer (until he was fired for honesty) Craig Spray, 19,935 members’ dues.

Director of Publications Doug Hamlin, 15,080 members’ dues.

Director of Membership Todd Gramble, 14,490 members’ dues.

Skipping a few–

Director of Security (LaPierre’s bodyguards, etc.) James Staples, 7,322 members’ dues.

Director (a supposedly unpaid position) Marion Hammer, $259,000, or 6,475 members’ dues.

3 thoughts on “NRA Executive Compensation

  1. I realized all too late that (unless you can afford to make 5-figure donations to “the cause”) buying an NRA life membership takes the fangs out of your single biggest bargaining chip. If you give them the money up front, then threatening to quit becomes no threat at all.

    To make matters even worse, after you buy the basic life membership, they make you for “a mark” and start wasting money bombarding you with endless enticements to upgrade.


  2. To be fair, it’s Membership Marketing Partners who are bombarding members with intangible enticements. They get a big cut of what is sent in and even bill the NRA an incredible amount for their service. Sad to say but very little is actually going to where one thinks it’s going.


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