NRA Finances Continue Downward

Here’s a report. Member dues are down 43% since 2018, before the corruption was revealed. Overall revenue is $282 million, down from its peak of $350 million.

Spending on legal costs is $52 million a year, 21% of the budget (and we thought Ackerman McQueen were expensive, at their peak they were 12% of the budget). An annual member who sends in $40 for dues has to face that fact that $8 of that goes for lawyers, the chief one of which bills his time at $1,400 per hour.

We’d be skeptical of the source, but an insider who has seen the report has confirmed that the financial picture is continuing to spiral downward.

8 thoughts on “NRA Finances Continue Downward

  1. Why do I believe this a continuing , deliberate attempt by the board and the leadership of the NRA, to destroy the organization ?


  2. I plan on donating to our NRA-ILA, but since The Board really, really likes WLP and Wife I will no longer donate to the NRA directly (or do ILA funds go to Brewer as well?)


    1. They have ways to easily commingle funds. GOA and FPC are much wiser pro-2A watchdogs to support. This coming from a Benefactor member. Nothing from me goes to any NRA activity until WLP and XB are gone.


      1. Firmly in your camp. Benefactor as well and zero donations in at least 2 years. Once they clean house, fumigate, and update the bylaws and constitution to change the duties and privileges of the board, and once board membership is encouraged and simplified for the general membership, then I will happily support the NRA to whatever extent I am able. Very sad to see this once great organization being flushed down the drain by a small number of corrupt, evil individuals.


  3. Such a sad and crooked state of affairs now at NRA. No teeth for pro-2A efforts anymore. I remember how proud I was in 1982 when I became a Life member, I’m a Benefactor Life member now. Not another penny for NRA or anything connected to it until the current regime is replaced. Anytime I get anything in the mail from them, it goes straight into the trash. They can’t even be bothered to do good things in Virginia, VCDL gets my $.

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  4. I would have loved to have gone to the NRA in Houston (I live close by) but that would have meant $upporting WLP. I will not renew my membership until he is gone.


  5. I am a Virginian and a supporter of VCDL,GOA,I am a life member of NRA but will not donate any more money to them until WLP and the whole board are replaced!!!

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