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School Shield

NRA’s financial debacle hurts it again. LaPierre cites NRA’s School Shield school safety program, without realizing that the program’s employees were all laid off in the NRA staff cuts of early 2020, and no grants have been given out since 2019 (when nearly a million was given out to 110 schools). Zero for the last 2 1/2 years.

What’s left is the training sessions, given by unpaid volunteers. But “Arulanandam said in-person or remote NRA School Shield training sessions were not possible in the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” Yet one of those instructors is quoted: “He said no future trainings are currently scheduled to his knowledge, but he said of the staff at NRA headquarters, “I know they are trying to get things going again, I ask them constantly, I’m ready to go.”

It’s just a matter of priorities, we suppose. LaPierre’s priorities were $300,000 in nice suits and millions on vacations, and now are to pump $50 million a year to attorneys, while laying off the staff. The board’s priorities being to stay silent so as to get re-nominated.

Input from the suit between NRA and its greedy PR agency, Ackerman: “In court filings Ackerman alleged that the NRA raised millions of dollars for School Shield but failed to spend it on the program, calling it instead a “media stunt.”” That certainly seems to be the case. We wonder that nobody called it to LaPierre’s attention when composing his speech.

2 thoughts on “School Shield

  1. Thank you, didn’t know this specific.
    If WLP did step down or was forced out, how would we change the bylaws to help ensure a LaPierre and Wife don’t happen again? I saw Jeff Knox at the meeting, but ‘Save The Second’ and those types changes seem largely silent and inactive, at least to the general 2A Public (just an NRA Life Member here, and not a Benefactor or other somesuch title, and definitely not connected)


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