Delay In Lawsuit, And Internal Finances

We have not been posting, because there has been no news to post, but at the request of NRA and NY, the court has changed the scheduling for a fifth time. Now discovery will end on November 18 of this year, and “Note of Issue” will be due November 29. A note of issue means the case is ready for trial; months after that there will be a pretrial conference, and if the case doesn’t settle then, the trial. The most that can be said is that (if there is no further delay), the thing will go to trial sometime in 2023, and the legal fees will continue to flow (out of NRA).

We’ve heard a report that NRA has instituted a hiring freeze. A total freeze, so that if a staffer resigns or retires, he or she cannot be replaced.

2 thoughts on “Delay In Lawsuit, And Internal Finances

  1. Saw the schedule for Whittington Center Founders Weekend. It’s pitiful. A fraction of the events held last year and a tiny fraction of what was done in 2019.


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