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More Info on LaPierre “Golden Parachute”

A filing in the New York lawsuit shows how it began in December 2013 and steadily grew more lucrative until the last document in April 2018. This is not just a retirement golden parachute, this is one trimmed with diamonds.

2013: $1 to $1.1 million per year for five years, upon retirement. Total of $5.4 million. Good for a part-time retirement job.

2018: $1.3 to $1.5 million for seven years, total of $10.3 million of members’ money, with note that “safe lodging” (his mansion?) and “secure transportation” ( the private leased jets) are extras.

Only the last is also signed by two officers from the board, as was required for all contracts obligating NRA for more than $100,000.

From the 2013 contract, “It can be said that you are exactly the kind of intelligent and enthusiastic individual who will contribute significantly to the NRA over the next five years.” That the president of NRA felt that, when handing LaPierre millions, he had to kiss his posterior in addition, says a lot.

Research: yes, the down payment for LaPierre’s mansion (to be purchased by NRA) was made in April 2018, about ten days before his 2018 contract was signed. The “safe lodging” he would receive in addition to his pay must refer to that. Add on a free $6 million mansion (since the contract says that and the private jets are not included in his pay, a tax-free mansion and private jets). A sweet retirement package, all funded by NRA’s members!

Mystery: the December 2013 contract isn’t written as if LaPierre’s retirement is indefinite, it doesn’t say “for five years after you retire.” Instead, it says the golden parachute will begin in 2014. Was LaPierre set to retire in January 2014, and then changed his mind?

3 thoughts on “More Info on LaPierre “Golden Parachute”

  1. My hope is the New York AG fries his nuts and puts them behind bars. As am Endowment Life member over the last ten years he has plundered the NRA for his benefit to the detriment of the Association and 2nd Amendment. I have been withholding contributions for the last four to five years till he’s gone.

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  2. I had been an annual member on and off for 50 years, and when Obamas presidency became a reality I became a life member and an endowment member a year later. I, as many others had believed the Obama regime was going to bring down the hatchet on the Second Amendment.
    So with my families blessings I gave the NRA more money than I had given any organization than paying taxes, buying a home, or a new car. I was on LTD from my employer at the time with income limitations but cracked open the cookie jar because it was time go big against the Communist gun grabbers and if anyone could fight them effectively it was the NRA. Never would I have though so much membership money was going to fund a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

    I have no doubt millions of others did as I did, and today suspect we were betrayed. Betrayed by the entire corporate management and the board of directors both past and present.

    Now we wait for the courts decide if crimes were committed. Can any non Communist get a fair trial in NY or Washington courts ? I tend to believe that answer is no. Its clear to me the future of the NRA is grim, and the only winners here will be the lawyers and the Communists.


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