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Yet another loss in court for Brewer and NRA

We’ve blogged before of the remarkable, almost 100%, losing record of the Brewer firm in representing NRA. Here’s one list we made of the losses. Here’s an addition to it. Now we can add one more to the list.

When he was forced out, ILA head Chris Cox signed a contract with NRA. Some conflict must have come up, because he and NRA entered arbitration over its terms. It was discovered in the bankruptcy suit that NRA had already paid $8 million in legal fees to arbitrate a $2 million dispute.

In arbitration, the Brewer firm saw an opportunity to generate even more cash. It attacked the arbitrator, saying that he’d sent a racist email and one of his law partners (his firm has around a thousand partners) was a golfing buddy with Cox’s attorney. It sued the arbitrator’s employer and Cox’s attorney’s law firm. When NRA lost that suit, the Brewer firm appealed. Now, it lost the appeal, too. Scroll to the end of the list. Affirmed by MOJ” means by memorandum of judgment. It was so obviously a loser that the appeals court didn’t think it was worth writing an opinion, just filed a memo saying the trial court was right to dismiss the suit.

A few years ago, NRA was wasting about 12% of its budget on a PR firm that produced almost no real PR. The real reason was that the head of the firm was “Wayne’s brain,” dictating LaPierre’s every decision. Now it’s wasting $30-40 million a year, about 12% of its budget, on the Brewer firm, which produces a long list of legal defeats. The real reason is that Bill Brewer has become “Wayne’s brain.” The board that for years elected Angus McQueen de facto head of NRA is now electing Bill Brewer to the same post.

What do we know about the person the board is making NRA’s de fact head? One gun lawyer has written:

“Mr. Brewer has made about $200,000 in political donations, almost entirely to Democrats, and to Democrat party organizations.  Including last year to Beto O’Rourke in his race against stalwart Second Amendment supporter Ted Cruz (my Senator).   And maximum donations (over $10k) to Hillary in 2008 and before, and even to Al Franken.  When he occasionally (rarely) donates to Republicans its often to the ones popular with Democrats, like Californian Tom Campbell.  Mr. Brewer’s wife’s donation lacks the occasional RINO donation and includes max Obama donations.  Brewer’s top partner is also a loyal democrat donor, and none of the other partners are active political donors. 

And that’s all fine, legal, ethical, and no cause for me to complain – at least about that law firm and its lawyers.

But I’d like to know the decision process that leads to NRA to put tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of donors to the very campaigns the NRA magazine is warning readers about (and soliciting donations to fight!)  While I can’t question the capabilities of the firm they hired presumably due to a connection with the PR firm, I can confidently suggest that there are hundreds of law firms in the nation that would have been capable of handling the case, and even if they weren’t all ardent Second Amendment supporters like yours truly, at least they wouldn’t be giving aid and comfort to the enemies of our most precious liberties.”

8 thoughts on “Yet another loss in court for Brewer and NRA

  1. Just a minor quibble: NRA’s budget is much smaller now than it was when they were paying Ack-Mac about $40 million a year, so the 12% number is probably a significant under-estimate.


  2. It’s Time to Clean this Up, Clean the House Up !LaPierre and All his “Crew of Hurrah for Us, Fuck the Rest” need to Go! Fire Brewer, for “Fiduciary Failure”, Wayne LaPierre TOO!


  3. All the rumbling a grumbling. We can’t even get one incredibly qualified candidate elected to the ONE board position by petition.
    I am incredibly frustrated that the majority of the people that vote are complicit in us losing our organization.
    I hate putting my faith in a NY judge, however that seems to be the only option left to us.

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  4. As an Endowment Life member, this is the reason I refuse NRA donations for the last four years. I return many of the multitude of mailers signed “When Wayne is gone, I donate again.” Wayne has plundered way too much that I’m almost pulling for the AG to fry his nuts.


  5. As a Life Member since 1996, I can not really generate any energy where the NRA is concerned. It like the FBI is proven to be corrupt and resistant to reform, and it’s membership at large seems not to care. At this point all
    I can do us direct my money and support to other groups getting things done.


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  7. I have been.a life member for about 55 years. I vaguely remember the battle between a couple of factions. I think one side involved someone named Knox or Cox and the LaPierre side. I was not involved in that battle, but I have have not supported Wayne LaPierre for at least 30 years because of his lavish life style (on the NRA’s dime) and some of the stupid statements he makes!!


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