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Yet Another Loss In Court

We’ve written before about Bill Brewer, the supposed $1,400 an hour miracleworker, and his long string of losses for the NRA. Here’s the original summary of six losses, add to that a Second Amendment loss and yet another loss, against Chris Cox. Oh, not to forget, a third additional loss, to Under Wild Skies, in our previous posting.

Now he has managed an impressive feat: two losses in two days. Way back he sued New York officials, alleging that they were violating NRA’s constitutional rights. The judge threw out everything but a First Amendment claim. New York appealed the judge’s not dismissing that claim, too, and today the federal appeals court ruled that’s dismissed, too, NY gets a complete win. All the losses on appeals to date have been 3-0 votes.

For years, Brewer has been telling the board of his wonderful plans and NRA’s rosy legal future, the bankruptcy will save us!, and explaining his long string of losses by promising he has another card up his sleeve (which will only cost a few million to play). In this case, “The NRA’s lawyer, William Brewer, said the group may appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.” The Chris Cox arbitration involved $8 million in legal fees to arbitrate a $2 million case. We wonder what a Supreme Court appeal will involve? NRA’s leadership and board will be glad to pay, it’s just the members’ money, after all.

7 thoughts on “Yet Another Loss In Court

  1. Per testimony at the bankruptcy hearing, Wayne says Brewer must be retained as he is the only person who can keep Wayne out of jail. How’s that looking Wayne?

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  2. Painful. And the BoD seems to just go along and keep WLP and Wife active…because their butts are on the line to if they don’t fight to the last appeal?
    I’m presuming their golden parachutes aren’t big enough to just settle and plea for mercy with another lawyer. And wouldn’t they all just get probation with ankle monitors, due to presumably clean histories? Don’t they see it’s not “their” NRA, it’s “our NRA”, and if they truly are responsible for some shenanigans, they need to man/woman up and pay their dues?

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    1. We don’t know what they feel as they are under a gag order by the executive board. Why have 76 people if only 4 can speak about anything.
      Frustrating as hell.


  3. This is exactly why, despite being a Benefactor Life member, the NRA will never seen a cent from me ever again if/until they thoroughly clean house, initiate a clawback on the bill gotten gains from various vendors and start doing what they originally did: defend the 2nd Amendment. Frankly, if they went out of business tomorrow, I would no longer care.

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  4. It was recently reported that at the latest BOD meeting, financial statements were made available only to the executive committee and no other board members. What is the point of all these NRA members sitting on the board and not representing the organization which chose them? One would think that with all the theft and corruption reportedly committed by WLP and friends, that a major, legal movement would be undertaken by some board members to initiate the house cleaning. As a Benefactor Life member who was always proud to be affiliated with the NRA, I am sorely embarrassed and will not contribute ANYTHING to any part of the organization until WLP and those like Bill Brewer are, at the minimum, terminated but preferably charged with the crimes they appear to have committed against us, the members.


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