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LaPierre Mansion: More Proof

We’ve covered this before (see links below). Short summary: in 2018, a plan was hatched between Ackerman McQueen and the LaPierres, to use NRA money to buy a $6 million Dallas mansion for the LaPierres. It would probably be a retirement home, since it was about a thousand miles from his office at NRA headquarters. It’d be a nice, 10,000 square foot mansion; here’s some pics.

The home, on the edge of a country club golf course, would be owned by a newly-created company, “WBB Investments, LLC.” (An LLC is a simplified corporation). That was a Delaware LLC, Delaware being a state where you can create an LLC without any of the creators’ names being on file.

Why create an LLC to own just one house? So it could have “Investments” in its name, be carried on the NRA books hidden as one more investment. The board and members would never know.

We’ve done more investigation, and the story is a more complex than that. This affidavit, from Ackerman McQueen’s treasurer, says that WBB Investments was owned 99% by NRA and 1% by “DJ Investments, LLC,” which would have managed the property (and since it was a 10,000 square foot house management would have been profitable). DJ Investments turns out to be owned by the Angus McQueen family trust, and his son Revan McQueen.

In this blog post, we suggested that the deal might have violated the laws against use of the mails and wires in a fraudulent scheme; the house might have been carried on the NRA books and tax reports as an investment, $6 million invested in “WBB Investments,” which would have hidden its existence from the NRA board, the IRS, and NRA members who looked at the corporation’s Form 990. We suggested the same here. Now we’ve found more evidence, strong evidence, that this was the plan.

The deal was started with a $70,000 NRA check for “earnest money” on the purchase, sent to WBB Investments. As a result of the bankruptcy filing, we can see the invoice that led to the check being written, and it says the money is for “investment in security assets.” Yes, it was to be hidden as an investment. $6 million in members’ money, a non-profit’s money, diverted to personal luxury and no one the wiser.

4 thoughts on “LaPierre Mansion: More Proof

  1. $70,000 to start, “earnestly”. My gosh. I’ve never earned 70K in a year. And WLP and Wife wanted to retire, and walk next door to the golf course through this “investment”.
    I can’t believe I’m cheering for the NYAG and judge, but here I am. We are a nation of laws and contracts. “Hang ’em high”, figuratively speaking, in this context of being alleged perps of our non-profit.

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  2. John Frazer should be disbarred. He was brought in because he had so little experience that the thieves running the show figured they would get a pass. Basically, there was a deal: They would pay the incompetent lawyer with less than 18 months of experience an EXORBINATE amount of money, and he would cover for them and keep his mouth shut. He crossed the line when he put his signature on that check. He should be disbarred.
    Wasn’t WLP quoted as saying of Frazer, “I wouldn’t trust him with a parking ticket”? I.e., LaPierre and others knew that John Frazer had no legal chops; they hired him for other reasons. He is on the take so long as he is willing to keep his mouth shut.
    Frazer should be disbarred. Should he also be charged criminally, convicted, and locked away in prison? Perhaps. If I were giving him advise, I’d advise him to try to make a deal to avoid prison, but to face the fact that he never again will work as a lawyer, and that, most likely, he will lose his license to practice law.
    Of course, he likely realizes that and is just making hay while the sun shines. He gets a pass in the press, but he is as dishonest as the worst of them.
    To quote J.R. (above), “Hang ’em high.”


  3. MaAgain sounds like the Barney Stinson of the NRA. Fictional character in tv show who said his job at mega evil corp was “Please” whenever his friends and family asked. Years later “Please” being revealed as P.L.E.A.S.E, as in Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything.


  4. I think it’s important to remember that the official story from Brewer and LaPierre regarding the mansion purchase, changed several times. They first claimed that it was all Ack-Mac, and the LaPierre’s had no knowledge of the deal — until emails turned up of Mrs. LaPierre detailing remodeling and redecorating requirements. Then they offered the “Safe House” claim, but insisted that no NRA money was ever spent on the project — until the $70k check and invoice came out in the bankruptcy. Then they claimed that it was all Ack-Mac’s idea, and that WLP immediately quashed the deal when he found out what was going on, and demanded that all monies be returned — after he had personally told Board members that he had no knowledge or involvement in any of it…
    Throughout this whole mess, the story has evolved repeatedly.
    This history of denials, excuses, revisions, and creative explanations — regarding the mansion purchase and everything else in the allegations — should serve as a matter of deep concern for members of the Board of Directors. How can any of them now accept WLP’s story, when it has changed so many times?
    It’s ridiculous on its face, and even more ridiculous as you peel back the layers.
    Board members need to realize that there is a very high likelihood that the NY AG will be coming after them personally for their culpability in this farce.


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