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NRA HQ To Move To Texas?

This sounded so insane we waited for confirmations of it, and now we have them.

NRA’s leadership is planning for a physical relocation of headquarters to Texas. This would do nothing for them with regard to their fight with the NY Attorney General. That’s determined by the fact that NRA is a New York corporation, an artificial being owing its existence to New York law. A physical move does not change this (if it did, NRA’s being headquartered in Virginia for the past 30 years would have made a difference). NRA tried to use its disastrous bankruptcy to make it legally a Texas corporation, and that failed completely.

The effects of such a physical relocation would be destructive, enough to finish off the organization. Half or a majority of staff would quit rather than sell their houses, uproot their kids, and move 800 miles. All but LaPierre and a few others at the top are on “at will” employment, and can be fired any day without any reason – who would spend thousands to move when they could be fired the next day? ILA’s Federal Affairs lobbyists would be left on the Hill, and isolated from the rest of the organization. NRA, which is now teetering on the edge of going bankrupt for real, would have to pay for its move, sell its headquarters (the office market in Fairfax isn’t good), and buy a new HQ. This would just be insane.

If the New York judge catches wind of it, looking as it does like another stupid and futile attempt to escape his jurisdiction, and squandering of the members’ money, he might just appoint a conservator to watch over the corporation’s assets. The board obviously can’t do that job.

We thought this an insane move. But then, so was filing for bankruptcy while (falsely) telling the court NRA is in great financial condition, hiring a $1,400 an hour attorney whose track record is continuous losses, using a PR firm to launder your money and then suing them, firing Chris Cox, hiring an attorney with 14 months’ experience to be your General Counsel, making an embezzler (Woody Phillips) your treasurer, and responding to the Attorney General’s investigation by purging everyone who’d called for honesty. (Rant endeth here.)

7 thoughts on “NRA HQ To Move To Texas?

  1. The supine board can’t get any flatter than their current linguine mode if they approve this.
    Is this for Brewer’s convenience to get his fees under TX taxes rather than VA?

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  2. Well, the NRA HQ building itself has enough issues from past maintenance that its market value went down a million recently. With the general market slump in Fairfax thrown in – not too great. Interesting side question remains with the National Firearms Museum if it moves – how much of the museum collection will make the trip to Texas, or will it be sold to finance the transition?

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  3. Im all for killing off the NRA now. We the members, from yearly to to life and beyond membership levels have been used, lied to, and defrauded. Is the ILA doing any good today ? I know they take credit for rulings they were never involved in. The National Rifleman advertising may be the only source of income left. The columns in the magazine by the president LaPierre are a joke and I gag when I read them. I hope the guilty go to prison. I hope the arms and artifacts remaining in the museum are saved from creditors and returned to their owners. My contributions now go to GOA and NAGR.

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  4. In 2021 WLP informed the employees of the creation of the Relocation Committee. It has continued to be active. At the Board meeting a few weeks ago President Cotton mentioned that the move was still going forward and that there will be an announcement soon. Perhaps at the Jan. 7, 2023 board meeting in Dallas. I think April 2023 at the Annual meeting in Indianapolis is more likely. The rumor is Gov Abbott has offered a large economic incentive package to NRA, perhaps 9 figures for the NRA moving to Texas. Cotton lives in Texas as does Brewer and others on the Board. If it isn’t the sunny summers that makes them want move, I bet it’s $$$$$$$$$


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