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Video On NRA Finances

Mrgunsngear has a Youtube video entitled “The NRA Is Going Bankrupt Due to Wayne LaPierre.” It has a lot of what we’ve seen, and also has 58,000 views and nearly 1,600 comments in the last week.

To make sure that NRA does indeed spend $60 million on legal bills this year, the NRA attorneys appealed the judges discovery orders (including the Frenkel report, which they must really want to keep secret). John Frazer had earlier appealed the court’s refusal to dismiss three counts against him, which would have required him to repay the NRA a beaucoup of money if found guilty. Neither of these appeals stops the case moving ahead. There have been 900 documents filed in the case so far, which of course explains the tens of million in legal fees.

Elsewhere in the New York case, everyone agreed to extend the filing date of the “Notice of Issue” to December 13, 2022, and the judge ordered it done. After the notice of issue, the judge can set a trial date, and we’re guessing mid-2023. New York’s attorneys seem to be in no hurry, probably because they understand that the NRA will bleed itself to death financially before the case can be tried.

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