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Motion To Seal in NY Case

NRA has moved to seal (file but keep secret from the public) the 2003 Frenkel report, which we’ve mentioned before. That report must be really hot, given that NRA leadership is fighting hard to keep it secret 19 years after it was written. All that is known is that its author, Jacob Frenkel, was a specialist in defending white-collar criminal cases. A quote from the motion to seal hints at how hot the report is, in terms of how much is being done to keep it secret.

“The sealing order is necessary because (i) the Document is privileged and otherwise non-discoverable; (ii) the NRA is pursuing two appeals (one with the Court and one with the Appellate Division) regarding any rulings to the contrary; and (iii) the NYAG agreed that the NRA would produce the document to the NYAG in the interim subject to numerous restrictions, including the NYAG’s promise that should the NRA prevail on appeal, the NRA will return the document to the NRA and not use it or work product derived from it.”

Back in 2003, the report was sent to the Audit Committee. That it’s being kept top secret today probably means that it was kept secret from the rest of the board of directors. It must be linked to a person or persons still with NRA now or recently, or no one would care this much. Here is part of the deposition of director David Coy, which mentions that the report concerned “expenditures” and (maybe, it’s not clear) “II and IS,” which were the companies owned by the mysterious unlicensed travel agent who leased executive jets for LaPierre.

2 thoughts on “Motion To Seal in NY Case

    1. Just a guess, but that would seem to depend entirely upon who wrote the check to Mr. Frenkel for his services. And also a guess, but an even easier one, as to who wrote the check.
      This entire case is more and more reminding me of the original Ann Landers definition of Chutzpah. Someone who murders their parents and then throws themselves on the mercy of the court, because they are an orphan.


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