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That Was Quick!

In the New York litigation, NRA leadership is trying like crazy to keep the 2003 Frenken report secret. The Special Master ruled that it had to be revealed. NRA’s attorneys re-argued the point, but the Special Master stood his ground. The attorneys appealed that to the trial judge, who ruled the same way. On November 17, they appealed that, and yesterday were shot down. The ruling was that the NRA attorneys screwed up and waived the argument by not raising it earlier. “The NRA’s piecemeal approach to raising objections to producing this document is inefficient. and inappropriate. All objections to production should have been raised and litigated in connection with the prior motion. Those that were not argued are waived. The fact that the NRA purported to reserve the right to assert additional objections at a later date does not make it so.”

The court adds that the objection would have lost anyway. Attorney-client privilege is lost if the client shares the document with non-attorneys, and NRA shared it with its accountants. “In any event, even if the privilege objection is considered timely, it is unavailing. The Report was, by design, shared with a third party, namely PricewaterhouseCoopers. Any privilege that otherwise might have attached to this document was waived.”

Add one more to the NRA attorneys’ impressive string of losses. Which is matched by impressive legal fees for those losses, which we projected at $60 million for 2022, or nearly 1/3 of NRA’s total revenues. We cannot think of any company, or organization, that could stay afloat with a third of its revenues going to legal fees. Even if the organization was financially healthy, when NRA is in terrible and worsening condition there.

None of those legal costs involves advancing the 2A. That’s being done by SAF, GOA, FPC, etc. NRA is MIA there. No, NRA’s huge legal bills are going to protect one greedy man, who got caught, plus a few of his cronies.

5 thoughts on “That Was Quick!

  1. Im sick. As a long long NRA annual member I coughed up overtime cash and became an endowment member a dozen years ago. As I learn of the waste, fraud, and abuse by the organization and the malfeasance by the board I now think how the NRA looked at its members as dupes and fools. As rich pockets. As stooges. No more. I trash their letters and hang up on their phone calls.

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      1. I draw a little stick figure shooting double birds on the inside of the envelopes when I send mine back.


  2. I am an NRA LIFE MEMBER. I’m glad I did it years ago because now I don’t have to give one cent to the vermin sucking the blood of the members who have been fed a diet of LIES AND FRAUD by these CON ARTISTS. They are criminals and I don’t understand why the Feds haven’t invoked the Rico Act to investigate their activities as ORGANIZED CRIME. It is obvious a conspiracy to embezzle and defraud the NRA is being conducted by the president and BoD.


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