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How You Run Up Millions In Legal Bills

In the New York case, NRA moved to dismiss on the ground it was described in the complaint as “National Rifle Association of America, inc.,” when its legal name didn’t have “inc.” in it. The judge said this was not very important, and directed the two parties to confer and submit an order for his signature that would correct the technical error.

NRA didn’t, but continued to object. The judge finally issued an order, saying in it:

“Later on December 1, 2022, counsel for Defendant Wayne LaPierre submitted a letter (NYSCEF 911) requesting until December 9, 2022, to file a response. On December 9, 2022, despite the Court’s clear and unequivocal order to submit a proposed order to make a simple change, the National Rifle Association (NYSCEF 913), Mr. LaPierre (NYSCEF 916) and Mr. Frazer (NYSCEF 920) submitted letters requesting that the Court require OAG, in addition to amending the caption, to “(i) amend the summons and complaint; (ii) serve the amended summons and complaint on the NRA; and (iii) file the amended summon and complaint along with proof of their service” (NYSCEF 913). Notably, no argument has been made that any party has been prejudiced or confused by the apparently incorrect addition of “Inc.” to the NRA’s name in the pleadings under which the parties have been operating for more than two years.”

“OAG’s straightforward request to change “National Rifle Association of America, Inc.” to “National Rifle Association of America” in the caption and complaint is GRANTED. . . .”

Motions and counter-motions over three letters and a period. That’s how you churn up millions in legal fees, and irritate the judge.

5 thoughts on “How You Run Up Millions In Legal Bills

  1. Older NRA staff will recall all the fuss generated years ago when the NRA logo (eagle over crossed rifles on a shield), which now features “incorporated 1871” replaced a very similar logo that utilized “organized 1871” – at that time staff were told that our official name was the National Rifle Association of America Inc. as we had been incorporated in New York state in 1871. Big mess to find/pull all the old sales items that bore the old logo. The various 501c3 entities like the NRA Foundation had to be formally referred to as The NRA Foundation, Inc. in all official paperwork including donations. Makes you wonder…

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  2. I’ve attended the National Matches at Camp Perry several times when they were jointly NRA and CMP. One year, the NRA included a chintzy loop key ring in the competitor’s packets inscribed, “NRA Competive Shooting”.

    NRA at Camp Perry

    But let’s be pedantic about this legal case…


  3. When this is all over, if WLP and several others are not guests of the famous American prison system, it would seem like they would not have anyplace that they could go where they could possibly hide from the members of the NRA who would love to see them take down their guest at a neck tie party. I don’t think that FJB is even as hated a much as the president is right now.

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