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Reports From January NRA Board Meeting

We’ve been collecting reports from observers, and here is a summary:

There were about 20 spectators, and about 1/3 of those were staff, or directors’ spouses. The spectator section was about one-quarter full, when in past years it was packed. 25 directors, a third of the board, was absent.

President Charles Cotton’s address was mostly aimed at rival pro-gun groups, which after Bruen have filed and won challenges all over the country, while NRA has been MIA there. He said around 200 suits have been filed by the other groups, but that Bruen was NRA’s case, as it sure was, and that the other groups are just building on Bruen’s foundation.

VP Willis Lee gave a lively presentation, and said that they’d keep up with efforts to relocate HQ to another state. VP David Coy spent his time denouncing the NY Attorney General’s “scurrilous vendetta.”

Wayne LaPierre gave the usual presentation, and the board gave polite applause at the end. In presentations at previous meetings, they’d given him a standing ovation before he started, but not this time. He said that NRA would appeal to the Supreme Court the dismissal of its First Amendment lawsuit against NY (which means lots for $$$ for the Brewer firm, which lost at the trial level and on appeal).

LaPierre said NRA membership is at 4.3 million (that figure is high by our estimates), which he admitted was “not the highest ever.” No, even that number would mean a decline in total membership of 1.2 million, at a time when it should be increasing with Biden & Co. helping to boost it. (This also means annual-dues paying membership must have fallen disastrously. That class of membership is something under half of the total, the other part being life members who will pay no dues in 2023. If peak total membership was 5.5 million, annual dues payers would have been 2.7 million or so. All of the decline in memberships would have been in this class, meaning it fell from 2.7 to 1.5 million, almost cut in half. There went NRA’s dues revenues).

LaPierre also said that he’d be proposing a “conservative budget” for NRA, and blamed inflation (how would that hurt contributions?) and the economy — rather than himself. The budget is already cut to the bone — 2022 was $207 million, down from $350 million four years before — and “conservative” can only mean cut still further.

He expressed hope that the NY litigation will be done by the “end of summer” (he didn’t say how it would end; obviously without him as EVP) and then NRA can get back to funding its regular programs (rather than its attorneys). That is, of course, unless NRA is ruined financially before then.

8 thoughts on “Reports From January NRA Board Meeting

  1. Then there was the “Mean Girls” behavior of some board members. When new board member Frank Tait sat down at a table, seven other board members got up and left. When a person on the ballot for 2023 was speaking with Phil Journey, this person got a text saying they were seen talking to Judge Journey.

    These people are not worthy of being on a junior high student council much less the NRA BOD.

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    1. Thank you. It’s not “My NRA” until even the mean-girls rally with the smart, ethical chemistry kids and boot WLP & Wife out of the glee club.
      Life Member here not giving a cent to their NRA-ILA or their PVF, until they sees their errors and clean house (e.g. change fundamental by-laws to strongly discourage and prevent another dictatorial EVP)

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  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I have no doubt that the WLP plan is to crash the finances and go back into bankruptcy to escape the NYAG. Whether the crash is before or after Indy is the only question. My guess is it will be filed after Frank Taite and I are off the board so we lose standing in the court. The NYAG appears happy with that outcome. She is dragging her feet. Probably busy with Trump. Knowing Brewer is milking the cow in the shute to the kill floor doesn’t seem to bother her. Mission accomplished by other means. NRA will be destroyed and Brewer is doing it for her. Liberty loses, the membership loses, shooting sports dismembered and so many programs will cease, the only winner is….. (drum roll) Brewer

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  3. Sources tell me Wayne’s new budget is actually significantly higher than last year — while revenues continue to fall. This is Biden-level economics: Revenues are steadily going down, so increase spending in response… Yeah, yeah… That’s the ticket. What could possibly go wrong?

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  4. My membership is due in May of this year. I have been getting letters from the NRA telling me just how close it is to renewal, and how I need to hurry before my membership expires. They were offering me 5$ off, a knife or hat, all that stuff that they always offer. Now they have stopped that, and are just begging for me to renew at full price, with no incentives or gifts.
    I think that they must be really hurting for money, to do this sort of thing. They never were this persistent before.

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