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NRA’s Finances Sinking Even Faster

From the Treasurer’s report to the Finance Committee (we don’t know if this was made available to directors in general) comes this chart. It omits 2018, when NRA revenues topped $350 million. The scandals began to be revealed in mid-2019, and the hit on revenues began, worsening with each passing year.

Total revenues have gone from about $280 million to $180 million, a disaster. What’s driving the drop are declines in member dues (green) and contributions (blue). Each was once over $100 million, and now are more like $60 and $70 million. At the same time, legal expenses are skyrocketing. The 2022 budget had allowed the Office of General Counsel (meaning legal expenses, total) a huge $31 million for the year, but by November it had already spent $48.4 million. Another way to look at it: legal expenses now equal nearly as much as total contributions, and about 2/3 of member dues. Nearly one-third of NRA total revenues go to paying its attorneys.

Another indication of how desperate things are becoming, from another report to Finance Committee:

We all know the reason for the plummeting dues and donations, and for the skyrocketing legal expenses. As the comments to a previous post noted, the few (two) directors who dare oppose what is going on are being actively “shunned” by the rest of the board. Has there ever been a clearer case of mass delusion on a board of directors? The board is allowing the organization to be destroyed financially while they plug their ears, close their eyes, and hum loudly to drown out the sound of reality. It’s hard to see the 152-year old organization still being alive through 2023. Membership is continuing its decline, and when the NY Attorney General’s case goes to trial, legal costs will explode.

Update, from the same report to Finance Committee, it is quite clear that membership continued to fall throughout 2022. The 2022 budget had predicted 459,000 new members by the end of November. Actually, only 282,000 joined, a shortfall of 176,000, or 38%. Renewals also fell short, by 164,000 below predictions.

8 thoughts on “NRA’s Finances Sinking Even Faster

  1. One-third of NRA total revenues going to pay its attorneys, and they are outside lawyers who have ZERO connection to the 2nd Amendment, who are working cases not related to helping the 2nd Amendment, and who have used lots of their enormous pay to donate to political campaigns for anti-RKBA politicians. [big sigh]

    When I looked at that chart, I thought of a melting snowman. There comes a time when it’s time to pick up the hat and throw the rotten carrot to the birds. The NRA is gone.

    LaPierre should be in prison. Frazer should be disbarred. (Stupidity would save him from criminal charges.) Woody is hiding, or he also should be in prison. Many NRA directors of recent years should lose their houses and their other financial assets. After that 2019 meeting in Indianapolis, none of them had ANY excuse or justification to continue voting for LaPierre and Brewer.

    David Coy and Charles Cotton were on that Audit Committee when the info busted out. They hid it. Why?

    The New York AG is slow-walking this case because she sees that the NRA is destroying itself; she doesn’t need to do anything to accomplish what she wants.

    The revelation happened in 2019 in Indianapolis. I can’t imagine Hoosiers showing up in droves at the 2023 meeting. Hoosiers aren’t well known for liking dishonesty and/or thievery.

    In the meantime, remember that SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) is doing heavy lifting these days for the 2nd Amendment.

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    1. Yes, and even though they’re NRA-state affiliates, I give gouda to the ISRA, CRPA, NYSRPA when I can. Lot of fighting there. Too bad the NRA isn’t sounding the trumpets and beating the drums on state preemption threats, one of their pride and joys.


    2. GOA, Gun Owners of America is also doing good work. If you’re inclined move your NRA dues and contributions to these and similar organizations.


  2. Does the 946,399 “budgeted” renewals reflect how many members were scheduled to renew their memberships in 2022?

    Wonder what the membership numbers would be if every level of life member who regrets their decision could be taken off the roles?

    I don’t think we’ll see the NRA fold in 2023, but when the trial begins and gets overwhelming negative media coverage of every aspect of what’s been uncovered so far…I believe the minds of many of the true believers who have kept their heads in the sand will be changed resulting in fewer members and even less revenue.

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  3. Thank you for this breakdown of monies. Sobering to me, must be nice to be that delusional.
    Is the metaphorical NRA Body about to start eating its muscle (it certainly ate its fat) for this preservation attempt?
    The members, and the lack of new members, are speaking quite loudly. I refuse to even give to the ILA, even if it truly is siloed off from this disaster (I don’t trust when it’s said the ILA is “separate”)
    I guess when the trial actually starts, the BoD will then look to settle (or if the NYAG has its way, beg for mercy from the court?)?
    What a said story, NRA, jettison the bad actors and pick another storyline.
    Be well[namaste]

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    1. “siloed off”? You believe that?
      Brewer has even figured out how to use any firearms donated to the NRA to help pay his bills. With a new change, the EVP (now LaPierre) will be able to sell such donated firearms and use the $ however he wishes. And LaPierre’s biggest wish these days is to keep paying Brewer’s outrageous bills. Brewer will bleed the NRA for every dime and every asset it has. Absolutely NOTHING should be given to the NRA or to any part of the NRA, because Brewer will find a way to get it.

      Even with evidence put in front of them, some people are not comprehending what has happened and what is happening.

      Life member here. I will NOT give another dime, and I no longer wear or use ANYTHING that promotes the NRA organization in any way. I even have a shopping bag in the trunk of my car with the NRA logo. When I go grocery shopping, I make sure not to use that bag because I don’t want to give the NRA free advertising, because the NRA does nothing these days but raise $ to give to Brewer, who has bled the NRA dry and donated $ to anti-RKBA politicians.

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  4. Thanks for bringing this to light. I knew this information existed, but had been unable to find the actual reports.
    I think your timeline starts a little late though. I believe the downward slide began in 2017, when LaPierre and Cox put out their foolish statement calling for regulation of bump-stocks, and accelerated from there, with the revelations published in April 2019, serving as a major dump of gasoline onto the already burning NRA dumpster fire.
    I called for LaPierre’s replacement back in January of 2019, which elicited a public response from Marion Hammer and others.


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