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2023 Annual Meeting

NRA’s annual meeting will be held in April, in Indianapolis, a little under three months away, and we have some “inside word” on it.

In 2018, the year before the scandals broke, 800 exhibitors reserved booths.

Our insider says: for 2023, as of now, only 474 have, a shortfall of over 300 exhibitors over 2018.

In 2018, NRA advertised that members attending could see “more than 20 acres of guns.” In 2023, it’s advertising 14 acres, and struggling to fill that.

Yet the 2023 SHOT show had its highest attendance and exhibit hall rentals ever. It’s not covid, it’s something unique to NRA.

Falling membership, a crashing budget, a shrinking exhibit hall. Something unique to NRA. What could have happened 2019-2023 to cause this? It must be a deep mystery, because the 76-member board of directors cannot figure it out.

10 thoughts on “2023 Annual Meeting

  1. One annual meeting was cancelled on account of COVID, and then nra suggested that the vendors who signed up donate to nra the refund that was owed to them on account of the cancellation. That was enough to get the good humor man annoyed. The recent unflattering evidence surfacing from the courts and NY Atty Gen has caused nra to lose goodwill and to be saddled with a tarnished reputation. NRA cannot even try to remedy the bad situation or rehabilitate its image by claiming it is under NEW MANAGEMENT.

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    1. Wayne LaPierre and Bill Brewer have destroyed the NRA. This is beyond “hurting.” The NRA is little more than a corpse these days. LaPierre and Brewer should be drawn and quartered for what they did to the NRA. But, sad reality is that there’s no longer anything that can be done to save the NRA.


  2. I’m a NRA life member, and just got my monthly magazine with yearly ballot in it. Who are the few honest people that are running for reelection?
    Thank you.

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    1. So far as I know, there are no honest candidates on the ballot this year. And, so far as I know, once Phil Journey and Frank Tait are off the board in April 2023 (at Indianapolis), there no longer will be any person on the Board who has spoken out against what has happened. Privately, there are a few who acknowledge what LaPierre and Brewer have done. However, at Board meetings, they sit there as gutless wonders and will not vote against the LaPierre/Brewer agenda, nor will they speak out — even in executive session! — and say what should be said. They sit there as cowards.
      It’s not worth the cost of a postage stamp to send in your vote. Sad reality.
      If you’ve got fifty cents to spare (cost of a postage stamp) give it the Second Amendment Foundation.


  3. May the BoD find that “eureka!” moment very soon.
    Heard from Alex Bosco (Owner, SBTactical) on The Reload that NRA-ILA is saving him while he fights. Saw an NRA lawyer testify in front of a WA state committee. So the NRA is working on 2A fronts.
    I still don’t want to give even to the ILA. But aren’t they the biggest, maybe the only, effective lobbyist on Capitol Hill (according to a Duane Liptak 2019 commentary)?
    Thank you again for your blog, NRAInDanger.


  4. Guess I need to re-evaluate my Indy trip this year. SHOT was awesome BTW and may have to satisfy my itch to keep up with the shooting sports world.

    Tis a shame the WHOLE organization is continuing down hill, not just the ILA portion, e.g., Education & Training staff & regional TCs are now screwing with TCs, CRSOs, and basic instructors on the ‘exclusive’ NRA training forum by censuring input commentary which E&T mgmt & Regional TCs feel doesn’t fit ‘THEIR” subject matter perspective presented.

    This censorship would be causing lighthearted laughter and amusement if it weren’t for the fact it is blatant censorship ~ yes I am aware the forum is considered private property and those gaggle of individual(s) can do whatever they chose on it, but…


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