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One Corner NRA Won’t Cut

We’ve blogged before on David McKenzie, alias Stanton, who’s given the LaPierres stays on his yacht and funded their Caribbean vacations. There are plenty of stories on it. See here and here and here (paragraphs 173 – 175). McKenzie operates a number of companies that are funded, to the tune of tens of millions, by NRA, and have their headquarters in the NRA HQ building. One of them is Membership Marketing Partners, LLC, known more simply as MMP.

This amendment is dated August 1, 2022, at the start of Year 5 (which in fact doesn’t last a year). Look what happens in Year 5. The rent they pay is cut in half. In paragraph 3, it says the rent they were already paying had been cut by $10,000 a month. Add the two discounts, and they’re benefitting nearly a quarter million a year.

At a time when the only question is whether NRA’s massive belt-tightening will enable it barely to survive 2023, the mysterious MMP is being handed quite a bit of cash.

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