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Woody Phillips’ Deposition In Bankruptcy Case

Wilson “Woody” Phillips was NRA’s treasurer since the early 1990s, so he held that position, and ultimate power over its funds, for around a quarter century. He was one of LaPierre’s early hires, despite the fact that Phillips had been fired from his last job for embezzling nearly a million dollars. (Maybe it wasn’t “despite,” but rather “because of.” LaPierre’s Executive Manager, was likewise hired after being caught (and convicted) of embezzlement.)

The partial transcript is amazing for the number of times Wilson answers “I decline to answer based on the privileges accorded me by the Fifth Amendment.” He answers that to almost every question about his actions as treasurer. Who signed the IRS Form 990? Who did you issue NRA credit cards to? What did LaPierre tell you? Did you believe this document was true when you signed it? Was this contract made in accord with NRA’s policies? He takes the Fifth to them all.

Is the board likely to commission an investigation of a few years of Phillips’ conduct? Does it want to see if he was steering money to sham companies that he or friends owned, that manner of thing? Don’t bet on it, even with this evidence.

BTW, with regard to this year’s board election, we don’t see much hope. Every candidate has been chosen by the Nominating Committee. One of us thinks that Steve Schreiner is honest, and so is J. William Carter, for whatever that is worth.

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