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Deposition of John Frazer

Part one. Frazer is both Secretary and General Counsel to NRA. Major points:

138: Mrs. LaPierre’s niece was employed by NRA and also by Associated TV, run by David McKenzie.

144: To Frazer’s knowledge, Audit Committee has only rejected one proposed contract with a “related party.”

149: Mrs. LaPierre vacationed on McKenzie’s yacht when LaPierre himself was not on the trip. (So much for LaPierre’s flimsy claim that the yacht was necessary as a place he would hide out when he was under security threats).

162 on: Director Marion Hammer received three income streams from NRA: a big consulting contract with NRA, another contract with NRA-ILA, and NRA support of Unified Sportsmen of Florida, of which she was the only salaried (and well-salaried) employee. (We’ve heard rumors that NRA, meaning LaPierre, didn’t know about her ILA contract, and ILA didn’t know she had a contract with LaPierre). Her payments from LaPierre and from USF continue to this day. After Audit Committee approved LaPierre’s contract with her, LaPierre increased her pay without consulting Audit Committee. She was being paid $134,000 (plus $260,000 in NRA grants to USF):

“Q. Mr. Frazer, less than five months later after the contract that we looked at, the NRA entered into a new, ten-year, contract with Ms. Hammer, increasing her compensation to $220,000, correct?

A. I believe that is correct.”

195 on: Other directors being paid.

204 on: Colonel North’s arrangements with Ackerman McQueen had Audit Committee approval. (So much for claims NRA was shocked, shocked, to learn of them in 2019).

274 on: Millie Hallow.

328 on: Frazier doesn’t consider Richard Childress, Oliver North, or the directors who resigned in protest to be whistleblowers.

361: LaPierre’s friend, Tony Makris, an executive at Ackerman McQueen, was also being paid $97,500 per month directly by NRA.

362: LaPierre was flying on chartered jets since 2012.

368-373: as to the “excess benefits” NRA reported on its tax forms, they were calculated only for chartered jet flights and LaPierre was allowed to rule on which ones were personal, non-business, flights.

393-396: NRA hired a forensic accountant to examine Chris Cox’s accounts after Cox resigned. But it’s never hired a forensic accountant to look into the accounts of Joe DeBergalis, Doug Hamlin, Tyler Schroap, Wayne Lapierre, or Woody Phillips. (Obviously, LaPierre wanted to get back at Cox, and doesn’t want to get back at the others).

424: asked if NRA has done anything about the lack of transparency criticized by the bankruptcy judge, Frazer responds that NRA disagrees with the judge on that.

424: Former NRA treasurer Woody Phillips repeatedly took the Fifth during his bankruptcy court testimony. Has the NRA investigated him? Frazer stutters, and says Audit Committee has passed a resolution calling for investigating him.

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