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Deposition (Partial) of Treasurer Sonya Rowling

Sonya Rowling became NRA treasurer after Woody Phillips resigned and his successor, the honest Craig Spray, was let go. Here are portions of her deposition. Major points:

P. 67: Gayle Stanford acted as LaPierre’s person travel agent and booked his leased corporate jets. Stanford billed NRA on invoices that did not attach the airplane manifest (so no one in the Treasurer’s office knew where the plane went and who was on it).

P. 113 – 114: Under Woody Phillips, board members’ expense submissions sometimes lacked the information necessary to determine if they were expenses for a business purpose.

P. 120 – 121: Looking at a spreadsheet of airline flights NRA paid for, an entry for director James Porter II, for a flight from Dallas to Milan, Italy. Treasurer Craig Spray later had him reimburse NRA for his wife’s travel expenses.

P. 125 – 126: An entry for director Joel Friedman, for a flight from Las Vegas to Washington, DC, and one for DC to Miami.

P. 128: Millie Hallow billed her husband’s travel expenses to NRA. Rowling doesn’t know if this was investigated.

P. 300 – 301: Marion Hammer’s invoices are personally approved by LaPierre.

P. 403: Tyler’s Schropp’s expenses were incurred on an Ackerman McQueen credit card, and AM then passed them on to NRA. Sounds like, passed them on without receipts.

P. 409 – 410: Large portion almost entirely redacted.

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