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Trip Through The Time Machine

2013: Wayne LaPierre announces to the meeting of the members that NRA has hit 5 million members and “By the time we’re finished, the NRA must and will be 10 million strong.” Membership peaks in 2018 at about 5.5 million members. 2019: the scandals.

2023: NRA has lost over a million members, and is bleeding revenue. Its PAC is likewise taking big financial hits.

But a few things haven’t changed. In 2022, NRA spent $1.2 million to fly LaPierre and other top brass around on leased executive jets. Financial crises don’t affect the need of celebrities to avoid flying with the peasants; $7,000 per flight hour is a modest cost for that convenience.

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3 thoughts on “Trip Through The Time Machine

  1. Is there any way to determine how many in that member-count include people who are life members and above? Anyone who is a life member or above may be entirely not involved any more. I’m a life member, only because taking the time and effort to resign membership would not be worth the time or effort. I never again will donate a dime to the NRA. I have discarded any NRA apparel I had because I’d be embarassed to be seen wearing it. There are two old grocery shopping bags in the trunk of my car that I never use when I grocery shop — because I would be embarrassed to use them, but I forget to discard them.

    And I’ve realized that voting in an election for NRA Board members is not worth the cost of a postage stamp.

    So, how many members are there really when the non-active life-and-above-members are subtracted from that number? Many of us have just walked away.

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  2. Thank you. I’d be ingesting Pepto with each report here if I were you. So again thank you.
    I’ve read Tim Mak’s work, and now I’m listening to “Gangster Capitalism: Season 2 NRA”. I just…I don’t get it. Maybe the 3 million or so members left believe Wayne is the White Horse Rider still, and this all is a conspiracy to unseat him ’cause he and His BoD Posse are the good guys.

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  3. I remember sending Cam Edwards an excited email as his TV show slipped in that the NRA was closing in on 6 million.
    I was proud and excited.
    Today, I am embarrassed and disappointed.

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