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Interesting Businesses

This goes back 10-15 years, back when there were sales of NRA FUD, or fold-up decoys, the “official decoy of the NRA,” “with profits of their sales going back into the organization to help protect hunters’ rights.” A bit of investigation found there was a company named “NRA FUD, Inc.,” with an address of NRA HQ. But it’s not NRA, it’s a separate and private corporation, 5000 shares of stock authorized. Its CEO was an Australian inventor, its treasurer was “Woody” Phillips, NRA’s then-treasurer, and its secretary was Michel E. Marcellin, NRA’s then-head of affinity and licensing. Does seem a bit strange.

That wasn’t the only company being run “on the side” by NRA executives, either.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Businesses

  1. NRA is a brand that is protected intellectual property. The board and officers have an obligation to protect this brand. Another example of management and fiduciary failure at NRA.

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    1. Just imagine what would happen if the NRA goes bankrupt and the court orders the sale of all its assets including its name and membership list. What if Brady or one of the Bloomberg organizations bought them?

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