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Preparing To Sell NRA Headquarters

John Richardson has thoughts. We’re not so sure: renting out the space would also be what a company that is stressed for money might do. In the comments, a former employee points out that the space being offered for lease was used by the Membership Division, it’s unclear what happened to them.

He also has a picture of the ceiling in the HQ atrium, the picture having been taken in May of last year. Which was 8 months after our post on the condition of the roof. It’s reported that NRA’s “leadership” finally rounded up enough money for repairs. Here’s a roofing firm’s comment that NRA had searched “for an extended time while experiencing severe interior leaking,” and the company created a maintenance program “until the time the company is prepared to replace the roof.” It sounds like the roofer’s advice was to replace the roof, but if NRA can’t afford that, they offered to repair it until NRA can.

It’s sad to remember that, only four years ago, NRA had $350 million in annual revenues, and now it had to endure “severe interior leaking” for “an extended period of time” before getting roof repairs. The “leadership” saw nothing wrong with spending $1.2 million last year to fly in leased private jets, though. This says something about their priorities.

3 thoughts on “Preparing To Sell NRA Headquarters

  1. I believe the “former employee” correctly noted that the third floor at NR HQ has three sections. The square footage mentioned in the ad would seem to be appropriate for just one of those sections. No way to know if the Membership section or the Advancement/Foundation section or the rental area is what is up for lease at this time. But knowing what I knew of the former tenants – I’d bet the rental area that had folks like Membership Marketing (which was a Mercury Group – Ack/Mac affiliate) is the one that is presently being advertised for lease.

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  2. I am pretty much a nobody when it comes to my importance to the NRA. However, I still have an opinion, since I joined the NRA right after Obama was elected the first time.
    My opinion is that the more I hear of the leadership and their actions involving pretty much anything having something to do with the group makes me quite angry. As a foundry worker for over 35 years, you can bet that I have a lot more to say. The problem is, as a Christian I try to avoid saying such things, so I don’t hurt another’s walk with the Lord, or cause someone to turn away from God due to how a so called Christian acts.
    You can bet that I am following the proceedings against the leadership with great curiosity. Letting things continue on until the NRA has no chance to return to it’s former solid and steady is pretty much what I see happening.
    It is almost funny, if it were not so sad, that the thing that could kill the NRA is not a form of attacks from without, but an even more dangerous opponent. The one from within. No doubt that is the one thing that all dying groups have had as a part of their demise.

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  3. The NRA doesn’t have the money needed to replace the roof! It looks like I’m not the only one who is withholding donations until LaPierre and his incompetent crew are gone. The sooner the NRA goes broke the sooner LaPierre will flee like a rat leaving a sinking ship and the sooner we can rebuild the association or whatever is left of it. In the meantime there’s the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, and several other groups fighting to preserve our Second Amendment rights. Pick one and send a donation whenever you can. Your freedom may depend on it.


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