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RIP Bart Skelton

He passed on, young age of 62. His obit. He was an NRA director with integrity, had zero tolerance for corruption in any form. So he got purged, rejected by the Nominating Committee.

Years ago, while an Assistant Agent in Charge in DHS, he heard reports of ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, and made sure that word got out. Yes, no tolerance for corruption. A good man, too good for the Nominating Committee.

4 thoughts on “RIP Bart Skelton

  1. The N.Y. Atty. General in her court complaint alleges that NRA board members who show independent judgment and who refuse to approve without question any proposal submitted by LaPierre, and apparently Brewer, are punished by being removed from committee assignments and by not being renominated to the board of directors. This misconduct only strenghtens the N.Y. Atty. General’s case against the individuals the atty. gen. wishes to remove and against the NRA.


  2. Along with Bart, we lost noted IPSC Master and teacher J. Michael Plaxco recently as well. The world is diminished without them.


  3. Bart Skelton was a bright light on the NRA Board of Directors and a vocal opponent of the corruption that was exposed in 2019. When most NRA Board members were silent and unwilling to criticize the NRA Management, Bart joined the legal intervention that was initiated by Judge Phil Journey during the bankruptcy trial. Bart realized that standing up in opposition would mean that he would lose his Board seat and he did so without hesitation. Bart became a friend to me and would often call to discuss the problems with the NRA and how we could change the course of the current demise. Bart was fearless, loyal, faithful and always kind. I will miss the many talks we had and also his insights into law enforcement and advise he would provide on the complicated issues that we worked on together. God Bless Bart Skelton. Rocky Marshall

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    1. It is because of such men and women of good character, like Mr. Skelton, as well as yourself Mr. Marshall, that I can remain a member of the NRA and hold out hope that somehow the organization can rise out of the rubble like a Phoenix, to regain the respect of the American people, and to become the group that can once again be the strongest voice for gun owners.
      I send my condolences to Mr. Skelton’s family in this time of sadness, and pray that they may be at peace.


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