Special meeting of the NRA board

Steve Gutowski reports that it is set for May 1 in Dallas, for the board to agree to the reorganization plan being drafted by the attorneys. https://thereload.com/nra-board-calls-emergency-meeting-as-bankruptcy-revelations-mount/ The Executive Committee will meet the following day, which probably means some chicanery is planned (It has the power of the board any time the board is notContinue reading “Special meeting of the NRA board”

Bankruptcy law prof on NRA’s case

https://www.creditslips.org/creditslips/2021/01/nra-bankruptcy.html This was written right after NRA filed, back in January, but most of his predictions are coming true. “This is going to be one heck of an interesting case. There are already so many glaring issues (or should I say “targets”?): venue, good faith filing, disclosures, the automatic stay the trustee question, fiduciary dutiesContinue reading “Bankruptcy law prof on NRA’s case”

Another post from bankruptcy law prof

Here, https://www.creditslips.org/creditslips/2021/02/is-the-nra-out-of-bullets-.html A month after his first post, and after the bankruptcy case began to develop. “What on earth is the NRA thinking? Here’s the big question: does the NRA have a plan? What is it possibly thinking with the bankruptcy filing? If there’s a clear strategy, I cannot deduce it. Maybe I’m missing something andContinue reading “Another post from bankruptcy law prof”

US Trustee objects to “Chief Restructuring Officer.”

The US Trustee is a permanent court official whose main duty is to oversee trustees appointed in individual cases; only occasionally does he intervene in chapter 11 cases, where there is no trustee unless the court orders one appointed. But he just appeared to oppose NRA’s motion that it be allowed to hire a CRO.Continue reading “US Trustee objects to “Chief Restructuring Officer.””

Day six of bankruptcy hearings, Part one

[To see older posts, click on “Blog” in top menu} More from an attorney tracking the hearings. The day began with a wrap-up of Craig Spray, former NRA Treasurer. (The honest one, who didn’t last long). Attorney said Spray for some reason seemed to want to hold to the NRA leadership position and was reluctantContinue reading “Day six of bankruptcy hearings, Part one”

Day six of hearings, Part two

Tony Makris was called as the next witness. Makris headed Ackerman McQueen’s Washington DC office. He’d been LaPierre’s close friend and “handler” going back into the 1990s.             He’d been with AM since 1987. Earlier worked with FBI, law degree from American Univ. Deputy Ass’t Sec of Defense under Reagan. NRA member since age 8. (MyContinue reading “Day six of hearings, Part two”

Day six of hearings, Part three

Next witness was William Winkler, Chief Financial Officer for Ackerman McQueen, or AM.             Why’d AM incur and bill travel and meals for NRA? Confidentiality. Tyler Schrop got your AMEX card, why? LaPierre authorized.              NRA audited AM books about every year. AM showed them summaries of time sheets, not the time sheets.             Brewer threats of FBIContinue reading “Day six of hearings, Part three”

Day six of hearings, Part four

Then came former NRA treasurer “Woody” Phillips, who testified by deposition, and set a record for taking the Fifth Amendment.             Age 72. Began work with NRA 1992. Had interview and was hired. Retired, 4thq 2018.             Did you sign a separation agt? “I decline to answer based on the privilege accorded me by 5thamendment of theContinue reading “Day six of hearings, Part four”

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